Monday, 30 June 2008

Court fines eBay over fake goods

A French court has ordered eBay to pay 40m euros ($63m) in damages to luxury goods group LVMH for allowing online auctions of fake copies of its goods.
LVMH had claimed the damages because it said eBay's French site had not done enough to stop the sale of counterfeit bags, perfumes and other items.
The decision comes a month after eBay was ordered to pay 20,000 euros to another French goods firm, Hermes.
The brands affected include Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior and Givenchy.
After the fines were announced, eBay said it would appeal against the decision.
The case against eBay in a commercial court in Paris was brought jointly by six brands belonging to the LVMH group.
Louis Vuitton Malletier, the group's handbag and luggage section, and clothing brand Christian Dior Couture accused eBay of "negligence" in allowing illegal copies of their goods to be sold in online auctions.
Four perfume brands - Dior, Guerlain, Kenzo and Givenchy - sued for what they called "illicit sales" of their products.
They alleged that even auctions involving their legitimate perfumes were illegal, because only specialist dealers were permitted to sell them.
According to the judgement, eBay must pay 19.28m euros to Luis Vuitton Malletier, 17.3m to Christian Dior Couture and 3.25m to the perfume brands.
The fine is the second in a month imposed on eBay by French courts.
On 4 June, a court in the eastern French city of Troyes found the auction site directly responsible for the sale of fake Hermes bags. It imposed a fine of 20,000 euros jointly on eBay and the woman who offered the bags for sale.

Once again i love the french, stick that 40m euros right up ebay, ha, viva la france

Saturday, 28 June 2008

Junko Mizuno Toys

It's bombs away as Huck Gee drops the Akuma Bomb. This stunning figure is a 3D realization of the character in his Akuma print from the Danger solo show at Kidrobot LA. This figure will be available in two colorways, red Danger and grey Skully, each piece recoloring around the basic red and grey palette but with a totally unique bomb illustration per style. Both colorways of the Akuma Bomb are limited to just 500 pieces, so don't sleep 'cause this figure is likely to blow up quick

In the summer of 1973, Junko Mizuno was born in Tokyo. Mizuno-san actually has begun her career as a professional artist relatively recently--however, in a few years only she has gained much recognition. Her artwork has been displayed in a wide spectrum of places--clothing, stickers, bags, CD covers, magazine graphics, illustration books, serialized manga, and tankobons. Her earlier comics, Dream Tower and Momongo no Isshou, arrived in 1998. While publishing her work in the rock magazine H., the techno group Avex Trax approached Junko and asked if she would create a jacket for the group's CD sets. What she ended up doing was an entire manga series--Pure Trance. This was also in 1998--but, this was Junko's true break into the animé scene. After being released in parts with Avex Trax's CDs, a slightly reworked version of Pure Trance became Mizuno-san's first manga published in its entirety.

After Pure Trance, Mizuno-san's unique attractive style was recognized... and she's been drawing up a storm ever since. Junko published Cinderalla in 2000, in Japan, which is mos def among the most popular of everything she's done (English version was released in July of 2002 (...and I still don't have a copy)). In the same fairy-tale vein of Cinderalla is Mizuno-san's Hansel and Gretel (2000) and Princess Mermaid (2001) (both of which I'm having trouble finding any info on). In 2000, Momongo no Isshou reappeared in Secret Comics Japan (a two-part book: 001 includes JM as one of the hidden treasures of Japan's animé undiscovereds, and 002 is exclusively JM). Mizuno-san has also compiled an illustration book titled Hell Babies (2001), illustrated for the "Vulgarity Drifting Diary" column in PULP, and has been re-published in the English magazine Tokion.

As for Junko's art itself... what can I say that hasn't been futile-y attempted by critics in reviews? Okay, you guys can easily click on 'Gallery' above and check out her stuff on your own, without me babbling on while trying to capture her unique style in words. However, here's a comment Junko herself made of her work--

As for the fact that many of her characters and girls are drawn attractively:
"... in our minds, without a second thought, being pretty and being strong are tied together." --Junko Mizuno. This is a great quote for manga in general, because it's so saturated with heroines that also happen to have the sex appeal factor set on maximum... this partially explains why, and why the characters are still just as appealing to the chicks as they are to the dudes.

One more thing--I think the most common way of describing Mizuno-san's work comments on her coupling the cute with the grotesque--and nothing gives you a better idea of that than the fact that her favorite musicians are the oh-so-wildly-cute Spice Girls, and the oh-so-wonderfully-grotesque Rob Zombie... talk about contrast. (okay, so on the form it says, "Favorite Musicians: Rob Zombie, Spice Girls, etc." ...okay, what the hell is the 'et cetera' between Rob Zombie and Spice Girls?? ^_^;;)

This article can be found here, great piece of info

Friday, 27 June 2008

Something for the weekend.

2 cracking t/shirts yet to sell out, great photography from shawn morte something, his colabs with FUCT are pretty sweet and you could be a smart chappy and grab yourself one of these bad boys.

Thursday, 26 June 2008

300 film with light sabres

This is the best thing this week, 300 the movie with light sabres, why dont more movies come with light sabres, there a few more ones on youtube, post them up next week

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Holiday in Spain

Another visit to Quesada in Spain, to visit the Mackey clan, i do what i do best, stuff my face with ice-cream, it wasn't even that good.

A few days in the sun, sun on your face, bit of sunburn, real life seems far away, read a few books, write a few lists, sink a few beers, afternoon siesta, laughing at the chavs on holiday, promising to lose some weight, eyeing up the young girls in bikinis, yes the life indeed

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 12

Nastybeats is this weeks winner of the 12th Fat Buddha Sketch battle. he makes his own t/shirts here, good close run competition and as usual the standard was pretty high.
Every week the competition gets a bit busier and people take it a bit more serious, hope you enjoyed looking through the previous 11 winners.

As usual for all your Graffiti supplies you should be shopping in either 'This is not Graffiti 'or
'Fat Buddha Store', a full range of inks, pens, paint, pads and glasgows finest store

Sunday, 22 June 2008

David Lachapelle Goes Rock

Thats me given you quite a few of Davids pictures, here we go for a rock vibe, starting with the f**ked up Tommy Lee, then the RHCP, the guys at Blink and then the awesome Beastie Boys, these pictures sum up David Lachapelle, some dont like is OTT work and sneer at him but hes my favourite photographer and i love the use of colour.

Saturday, 21 June 2008

Dinosauria Custom Toys

We sponsor dinosauria and reviewed his site the other day, today heres a look at some of his customs, if you are in glasgow, pop by the shop and see them in the flesh, blank ones can be bought here if you want to try iy out yourself.

Friday, 20 June 2008

DIY Munny Back In Stock

With avengeance, the DIY Munny's are back in stock, below are a few of Dinosauria's infamaous customs, see more of them at
We have a pretty big selection of them instore now, all the DIY toys are the perfect platform for all budding artists and painting on a 3D platform can be more challenging than you would think.

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Glasgow on way Home

Walking home the other night across the Kinge George bridge i got to see the end of a warm sticky day, the sky was bloody and the city looked as peaceful as.
Glasgow really is the best city, the more you leave it and travel the more you begin to appreciate it, let glasgow flourish.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Cotton Petal Website Launched

Here is the launch of , michelle has a passion for art and loves working with fabrics, adores rampaging through charity shops on the hunt for bargains.

Michelle got her other half to build her website, and didn't he do a good job, the plush seems to be having somewhat of a resurgence these days, and please visit the site and checkout the rest of the images.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

New Dinosauria website Live

For all you people who love toys, Thomas Aka Dinosauria has redone his website, all hand drawn buttons and images were used, if you love Dino's toy customs then y are in for a treat as we now get to witbness some of his sketches for the first time and they do not disappoint. Taking over the Dino theme the sketches are cute but mix Diuno's love of zombie horror flicks, goto to check out his work.

Taken from the website is this lil piece of info

Welcome to the webhome of Dinosauria. I'm a craftsperson based mainly in the urban/vinyl toy scene though I do still do the odd canvas when I have the time. My background is in graphic design and fine art.
I decided to take a break from art after university and on my return to painting I discovered the Munny and Dunny and I've not looked back since.
I'm available for private, corporate and whimsical commission work. Drop me an email if there's anything you need help with.
The Legend of Dinosauria
245 millions ago saw the dawning of the Mesozoic era. Sometime shortly after Dinosauria dragged himself dripping and barely finished from the primordial swamp and fashioned a rudimentary brush from a twig and an unfortunate hairy caterpillar. He proceeded to slap pigment onto any and all creatures that were foolish enough to cross his path. That was a very long time ago and over the generations the legend of Dinosauria faded into myth.....
Sometime in early 2007 reports started to surface of a hairy beast popping up, causing chaos and then suddenly vanishing without a trace, leaving only discarded tea bags, a faint whiff of homous and strangely painted vinyl toys as the only indication that he was ever there...
These rumors have led to mutterings that Dinosauria has returned from his slumber. The evidence is all there, after all the legend states that he often painted on rabbits and the recent incidents seem to revolve around the Kid Robot Dunny.
These days Dinosauria is touring with the freak show that is the Vinyl toy scene, parading for the masses in exchange for his daily meals. He is also available for birthdays and Bar Mitzvahs.

Monday, 16 June 2008

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 11

The winnwe of the 11th Fat Buddha Sketch battle was stubz,

The above was a 2nd place tie, very close

The sketch battle continues next week, check back for the winner, in te meantime check out these latest graffiti supplies.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 10

Winner Fat Buddha Sketch Battle - 'clickoo'

Most people will know im a big fan of clickoos work, i love his lines and love his colour, i would like to browse through his sketch pad, must be some great lil pieces in there.

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 9

WinnerFat Buddha Sketch Battle 9 - 'Hectorr'

Close second was clickoo with his good use of colour and nice clean lines

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 8

Winner Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 8 - 'PK'

This one was the wost winner to date, voted as winner to wind me up, the competition that week was poor as the word to sketch was not the best

Hectorr had the best entry and should have won, but the best should blame the ref

Saturday, 14 June 2008

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 7

Winner Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 7 - 'thekid', this piece is pretty sweet, and hes a really nice guy, was in here collecting his prize.

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 6

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 6 Winner - 'thehitcher'

Very tidy piece, and a deserved winner that week.

David LaChapelle Set 3

Tori Amos, what a photo, she really is wired to the moon, not as wired as Bjork, and she is 1 wired mo-fo, if she aint battering folk at airports she's oh so quiet. Bjork can speak fluent gibberish.

Uma Thurman, is she pretty, can never work her out, seems a bit masculine and always found her a bit ungainly, do not see the sex appeal, but i do like some of her acting.