Sunday, 31 August 2008

Viva Espana!

Hi Everyone

Like the others this will be a short and sweet posting. Me and the Skater Team are jetting off to Espana this afternoon for a well deserved break. We defo need sun and Sangria! Well I do anyway!

So been hectic here packing, organising Euros etc. Boys wanting to take skateboards but they won't fit in the overhead locker so managed to persuade them to take PSP's instead! They much more portable.

Will be back in a fortnight with the wedding news ! The boys got their haircut so won't be so warm in the sun!!!

Shop looks fab, come in and have a nosey around all the books, toys etc, got some new quirky items in.

Janice and the Skating Team

Kikstyo Back instore

Howdydoody, back in store we have 3 new T's by the Japanese outfit Kikstyo, check out some of the previous blog posts for some of their amazing product and you tube video clips

T/shirts are not online yet, but will be early next week.

Saturday, 30 August 2008

Flight of the Conchords

Hi guys, Sorry haven't got much planned for this week but its been a heavy week of higher homework and trying to fix in halo 3. I just got my xbox back, i had three red lights of death but its OK now. i thought I'd post a video of 'the Flight of the Conchords' they are pretty big now as the have their own series on sky, and their own DvDs but I'm posting a video of before they were famous. hope you enjoy it and I'll hope have some more graff by next week.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Bye to the Big Apple

Last few days in New York now: had a total blast here, so many variously strange and brilliant stories to tell.

Last few days have been a mixed bag. Doing some shopping today, so will have plenty to report back on with that over the next few weeks. Obviously consistent internet access out here has been a challenge so the lack of content is frustrating. Was up in lovely Westchester county the other day in an obscure village called Valhalla, seeing a little more of the Empire State and getting stopped by the police walking on the interstate.

Thanks to our mate Clyde, we'll hopefully be going to the US Open tomorrow and watch a bit of tennis. Sports out here are an obsession and it's hard to avoid any of it. Been to see the Mets and Brett Farve fever has truly hit New York.

Short blog this time around but I've collected enough to report back over the next few weeks with a few treats, it'll just be much easier when I have consistent net access.

If you're in the NYC area over the next few days, the fifth sees Coalesce Vinyl Toy Show kick off and is well worth a look...

Anyway, props also given to the team for clearing the shop for our big renovation. I thought of you while sipping a beer with my feet up on the porch, basking in the sun. Honest...

Until later, ciao,


Thursday, 28 August 2008

Man Utd to face Celtic in Europe

Champions League holders Manchester United were drawn with Scottish champions Celtic in the group stages of this year's competition.
The British pair will also face Spaniards Villarreal and Danish side Aalborg in Group E.
Chelsea were drawn with Roma, Bordeaux and Romanian minnows CFR Cluj, while Liverpool will meet PSV, Marseille and Atletico Madrid in a tough group.
Arsenal will play Porto, Fenerbahce and Dynamo Kiev in Group G.
The four English sides were guaranteed to be kept apart after being made top seeds, but Celtic could have faced any one of them after being drawn in the third pot of clubs.
They will get their chance test themselves against the English champions in two Battle of Britain clashes.
Think it'll be a tough wee group for the Hoops!
The fixtures will pit Celtic manager Gordon Strachan against his one-time boss Sir Alex Ferguson.
The pair met in the Champions League group stages in 2006/07, with Celtic winning 1-0 at home but Manchester United edging the return fixture 3-2 at Old Trafford.
Chelsea were the first side out of the hat and look to have been given the easiest task of progressing through to the knockout stages.
Both Liverpool and Arsenal face difficult opposition if they are to progress to the last 16 of the competition.
But they will be pleased to have avoided the likes of Bayern Munich and Juventus, who were potential opponents in the second pot of teams.
The first set of matches will be played on 16/17 September.

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

New Look Shop

Hi, not the biggest refurb, you have ever seen, but more space, new floor, lick of paint and the shop is looking good again.
Changed some of the racking, and the shop feels bigger and more room to move about.

Blog Review

Yo Yo Yo, at Xmas time it truly will be Ho Ho Ho, but anyway, this weeks blog review goes to the Sexy Mark Bukland, as voted by some of the ladies in the store.
Mark is Fat Buddha's weekend warrior, giving me my days of and generally all round helping out.
Mark runs the Cargo nights, a collection of music, graffiti, spoken word & other coolities, Marks writing is acerbic, cutting but bloody funny, he is political and has been threatened with legal action for some of his blog posts.

He makes me laugh and his blog, if it is an insight into his mind is worrying indeed, so ad Mark Buckland onto your list of Fave blogs and check him out at on a regular basis.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Nanakusa - Japanese food tastes real good!

Nanakusa Japanese restaurant on Sauchiehall street is fantastic. I could just leave this review there and be quite happy with it but I suppose I should really say exactly what I loved about it... hmm, well EVERYTHING!!! You see the thing is I've heard amazing things about great places to go eat in Glasgow and 99% of the time I've been very disappointed. It's a sad state of affairs but most people seem to rate eateries on their "cool" factor or even worse a reputation that they deserved 5 years ago and should really have been stripped from them as the food, service etc went downhill. There are the occasional diamonds though and Nanakusa could be the biggest of them all (IMHO).

Mmmm (n)ice cream!!

When I first heard about Nanakusa I was intrigued, even the tale of how the place came to be was pretty cool (Google it if you want to know more) but the more hype I heard the more my cynical thoughts bubbled to the surface, I'd already been bitten in the ass a few weeks before when I ate in the Left Bank, it had a really good vibe but horrible food so my B.S. detector was twitching like a mother-F. I was still open minded but prepared for disappointment.

Entering the premises we were greeted by hyper-friendly staff and a very clean, simple and contemporary environment. One other cool thing about the look was the fact that the upper parts of the vaulted room still retained the classic original features of the building. The atmosphere seemed very relaxed, it was busy but without the cattle market bustle and noise you associate with some restaurants cough-"Wagamamas".

Once seated our drinks orders were taken and dispatched in a timely manner, the staff were chilled but super co-ordinated and speedy. After a quick perusal of the menu we opted for different versions of the ever popular Bento set meals, we were being a tad greedy and wanted to try a little bit of just about everything. I opted for the Moriawase combo.

The food took just the right amount of time to arrive, not too fast (ie flash cooked from blanched stuff) and not too long, basically just long enough to run into an old friend who was dining there, make a start on our bottles of Kirin and get the conversation going.

Kirin - Beer, but better.

First up was the miso soup, it was ideal for getting me warmed up for the main event, and what an event. The food arrived in its no frills tray, a veritable feast for the eyes and taste buds ! The two types of sushi were sooo good and the batter on the tempura was so very light and crispy, the teriyaki offered a sweet contrast to the fresh uber-clean flavours of the sushi. In fact the food was so good that we didn't manage to snap a photo of anyone's meal intact, this half demolished pic is all I can offer you I'm afraid. Sorry, it was just too delicious.

Go Bento - the only way to travel!

We were happily stuffed after our mains but we decided to go for some green tea ice cream, I don't know if we really wanted to eat it or if we just wanted to stay there a bit longer... either way it was a somewhat unusual taste (not my usual thing) but none the less it was pretty good and the perfect way of rounding off our evening.

Even though it started to get really busy the staff never made any attempt to get us moving and we left there in the same way we entered, through a hail of great service from the staff. In short, I can wholeheartedly recommend Nanakusa to any and all of you, even if sushi isn't for you there are tonnes of other options check out their menu at and see what takes your fancy. The prices are very reasonable too. Thanks you Nanakusa, you're my new #1 place to munch!!

Monday, 25 August 2008

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 19

Carbon was the word for the 19th Fat Buddha Sketch Battle, this week had 2 winners 'God' & 'Happy go Lucky', both on 4 votes each, great entries, but alas we dont split the prize for draws.

Both winners were up to the usual standard, hoping to see the sketch battle get more entrants, but pleased with the quality of the winners none the less.

My vote went to 'get scrubbin' for the aboveentry, i was the only voter, bo ho.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Website Review

Sundays suck and sundays are boring, if you have managed to tear yourself away from all the omnibuses that pervade the screen on a sunday afternoon then i have just the website for you.

Are you interested in graffiti & street art, wouldn't mind winning a prize or 2, then visit , this website was setup years ago by Duncun Cumming, mainly as a photography site, people post all the graffiti pictures from over Scotland.
I had the pleasure of meeting Dunan and his better half in the store a while back, thoroughly nice guy and lady, he does the website for no recompense for his-self and i imagine at times he's felt like packing it in.
The site is well used by the younger writers and unfortunately the older writers dont frequent it as much as they should.

There is a definite bias to Glasgow & Edinburgh, but the Dundee boys do post up some good pieces.
The main action happens on the forum, any frequenter of normal forums will know the etiquette, polite answers, good on conversation and banter. No, not here, the average age is at school and the threats of violence from are never far away, the slaggings go on and i have joined in a few and been victim of a few over the past year.

The best thread is titled Shakewell for ever, fuck fat buddha (there fags) , it runs for about 24 pages and keeps on going, the abbreviated jist of it is, 'i am a fat baldy prick and you should shop in Shakewell cause fat buddha is a trendy fag shop and im just in it for the money'. Give it read it can be funny at points and i reckon a few keyboards were broken by the keyboard gangsters.

Thereis a great section of pictures where you can look at Glasgow, Edinburgh or other photos, all taken bt kids and posted up onto the sitem, all the above images were ripped from the site.

The forum does have some great young writers and the older ones tend to be chilled and all really cool guys, every week Fat Buddha sponsors the Sketch battle, people submit a sketch on a chosen words, everyone votes, the winner gets a prize and nominate the word for the next week.

Skate Team and Mum!

Hi "Middle Age Spread is Haunting Me!"

It's Leslie's Big Sis, the Mad Matriarch of the Fat Buddha crew.... finally getting to grips with new technology (still can't believe we have COLOUR TELLIES! Oh and PORTABLE PHONES!)... and having senior moments.... and now this Computer Thingy that dominates our lives...yes you know me... the smiley speccy bird, organiser and cleaner of the Fat Buddha store! Also the mum of the Fat Buddha Skating Team. Aren't my boys such cutiees! (Well I would think that). They take their skateboarding very seriously and are privileged that Leslie is their Uncle. Especially as he kits them out with cool skateboarding brands, The Hundreds, and Nike SB's etc..

Yes from their pics they have verrrry long hair!, But they getting a's a bit too 80's, they look like a cross between The One and Only....Chesney Hawkes (One Hit Wonder!), Ask your parents! Or better still You Tube him...see I'm getting to grips with this new technology thing! And a member of Guns and Roses...a rock band that Leslie likes! that says it all.

I'm a serious 80's chick, so if you pop in store and Siouxsie and the Banshees are playing or other murderous music you know is lurking about in your parents Record Collection then I'm your DJ for the duration. I apologise in advance of your visit! But I do like Amy Winebag so does that not mean I'm keeping up with the times and being hip and groovy? I also have a teenage-angst-filled-daughter that I'm taking to see Cascada (think I should whisper that) yes mums can be very embarrasing! Getting my Tutu polished and ready now!

I will post a pic of theee Haircut, when the boys finally get it! Though if any of you trendies can recommend a decent hairstylist who can cut Skater Boys hair, then I'm open to suggestions.

Great to see Mark mocking us with pics of his holibags, Glasgow is a great city to live in but it just don't cut the mustard with NY City! Mark hope to see you back soon we all missing you and I need some sanity in the workforce!! Take skateboarding pics for my boys pleeez! While he been relaxing...eating for 10..hanging about NY and drinking America dry! The rest of the Fat Buddha Crew have been working our butts off in the shop, doing a Sixty Minute Makeover.. I wish...! As you can see from Leslie's pics, lots of hard slog for the team . We been working all day Thursday till the wee small hours and I was back in Friday at 8am. Yes our dedication to the cause knows no ends! (Yes boss we know where our bread is buttered)! And Leslie been working hard too. Well done!

And all this for all of YOU, our customers. to give YOU the ultimate shopping experience, great surroundings, friendly staff, fab clothes and finally but not least, a bad (or should that be SAD?) music experience. Come on board for the ride, I promise you'll enjoy it!

Apart from being a sad old 80's throwback I'm a very serious Mature Student! As well as working in the shop, I study at Glasgow Uni, put up with my Bro's bad jokes, drink lots of vino, dream (though think nightmares a better description!) about trying on-line dating, seems a bit hazardous and expensive! (much cheaper to hang about old man pubs, particularly Bowling Clubs, cheap booze aplenty, chatting up old blokes and asking to see their trophies!) In retaliation I can bore them with pics of my darling children, or better still an intellectual discussion on The Rise of Feminist Drumming Groups in Post-War Britain!) Watch out you could be next! Oh and finally but not least, I bang my Drum in one of these such groups, next performance is the opening of the new-look store, I wish! (I have tried and failed to get Leslie to allow me and my girlie's to beat out our rythms on our drums!) You don't know what you're missing!

Yes a bit hectic for my first attempt! My keyboard is smoking! Hope you enjoyed my ranting and ravings! Catch up soon and see you in our new-look store.

Another instalment next you can't wait! And as an added bonus the Skate Team will comment on Skateboarding Facilities in Greater Glasgow.. the planet.. and Beyond! Or rather lack of them!


Jan and the Happy Gang X

PS The Fat Buddha Skating Team had their 9th birthday last week..2 x PSP's a small fortune! They got a great Book "Skate and Destroy" from Uncle Leslie of course. Just one of the many interesting and varied books available at Fat Buddha now!

Saturday, 23 August 2008 Callum

This weeks post is a continuation from last weeks. I did my first piece to see how my can control was and its pretty poor my lettering's off but my fades not to bad. well anyway you can see for yourself as i have the finished article and the sketch.

So this is the sketch and below the canned version.

Aside from the fact that the letters are massively out of shape it wasn't to bad for a first attempt. The paint i used was Monster and Montana. Monster colours were, Pistachio Green, Kommando Green and sky blue for the highlight. Montana black was for the outline. The paint used is available from Fat Buddha Store

Friday, 22 August 2008

Where are our Readers

Thats us now up to average 150 readers a day, so apart from you there are another 149 folk popping by today.
I wondered where the visitors came from, where they all from Glasgow and people who found the blog via the website, checked the site stats and thought id show you the visitor map from yesterday, so the fat buddha readers are worldwide.

75% of traffic comes from outwith the website with Dinosauria, duncan cumming, Mark Bukland and myspace being great contributors to the website, also google searches make up great traffic numbers.

We seem to be attrating 20% more readers every month and hope we offer an interesting read with something new every day, hopefully !!!! we will have some more guest posters, just need to get them onboard.

Well thanks for being one of the 150 today and please fill in the survey or leave a comment.


Thursday, 21 August 2008

Chicago and beyond...

Mark here, now back in New York. Was in Chicago at the weekend to visit some of a friend's friends and get a feel for the city while the famous Chicago Air and Water show was on. Once again, I offer several apologies for this blog-no Recon store coverage due to it once again being closed (what hours do these artist types keep?) and no photos due to my USB card adaptor breaking...

So Chicago didn't start well. Up at 4-30am for the flight that was then delayed by forty five minutes thanks to the crew being late. The sight of said crew sauntering up to the desk as if they were going to get a cup of tea was particularly galling.

We were staying, courtesy of my mate Graeme "The Inspektah" West and his online bargain hunting, at the Hilton in Chicago-the original Hilton and very historical. Beautiful hotel and I have to say, Chicago is a beautiful city. Check out for more chicago images.

The city comes alive at night and swanning up and down Rush St was very special: Irish bar drunkeness added to the occasion.

The Gruin family, who we were visiting, were hospitable to the extreme to us. They invited us to their new apartment at the world famous Hancock Tower, where we were greeted by fresh salmon, fruit, fine raw get the idea, their hospitality was much appreciated. The experience of sitting eating fine food and drinking with a perfect view of the whole of South Chicago as a stealth bomber and F18 fighter jets fly past your window is not one I'm likely to forget.

In addition, we visited Wrigley Field, home of the Cubs, Soldier Field, home of the Bears and the Field Museum, with a deep pan pizza feast on the last day that my stomach will never thank me for.
Flying back was a nightmare. Delayed four hours and having lost the baggage on the way out, Delta took over an hour to get our bags to us on the flight home. Never, ever would fly with them again. They should wear ten gallon hats or masks and stripey jumpers...
Yesterday, I came across the Kid Robot store in the Village.
Wow. I mean, our resident blogger Dinosauria would likely have collapsed at the wealth of KR toys and gear. The Village has many of these interesting and offbeat stores, comic book shops, record and clothing stores. Sadly po-faced hipsters abound and I can't quite take multi-coloured leopard print skinny jeans seriously.
On the subject of Kid Robot, i was in FAO Schwartz the other week and found their KR/Dunny/Kubrick etc range is...exactly the same as we have in Fat Buddha. I mean, identical in every range we carry. So there you go, the greatest toy shop in world is matched by Fat Buddha. Chalk wan for us...
Next week, I'm hoping to bring you some more original photos and a few surprises but as you may have guessed, it's all a bit up in air for me just now. Fingers crossed...
Until then, ciao.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Does my bum look big here ??

Right, was sent this drawing by a dude on myspace

I like the gay pose, i think hes caught me well, just dont tell my wife, but all drawings are greatfully received

Blog Review

Thought id take the time and start to share some of my fave blogs and websites, i reviewed cotton petal a while ago, now its time for

Good blog from Al who Dj's down at Karbon at the weekend, had a look at the website , seems to be filled with the beautiful folk indeed, dont think id get in.

Als Blog deals with films and his latest purchases, Nike Airmax Infrared (bas***d), i love those shoes, you can see an old skool theme in his film choices, from Ghostbusters to Waynes World.

Als trusty companion is the lovely Lena, Hi to Lena, Lena is a firm believer in Daiquiri's, she once used one to end third world poverty.
She also believes that children are the future and she wants to treat them well and let them lead the way, she wants to show them all the beauty they possess inside.

So ad to your faves list and check back for regular updates.

Tuesday, 19 August 2008

I rock!!!

Em... well kinda. You see I finally succumbed to buying Guitar Hero when I was in my local games emporium on Sunday (Chips on Dumbarton road the only decent games shop in this city). I know I'm years behind the pack on this one but as I actually do play the guitar I always thought that the game was a bit silly so I never really considered buying it before. All that changed yesterday.

I was continuing my massive clear out and my old xbox games caught my eye....hmm... well loads of them weren't compatible with my 360 and to be honest the ones that were compatible weren't likely to ever actually see any action ever again. So off I popped with a bag of old swag with a trade on my mind. So I handed them in, got a credit note and headed back home....something caught my eye in the 360 section, you guessed it that daft Guitar Hero game (I noticed it cos Slash is on the cover) so I began to ask the shop keep (Owen if you're ever in) what tracks were on it. Truth be told I was actually quite impressed, Chili Peppers, Sabbath, Dead Kennedys, Smashing Pumpkins etc etc etc!

Sadly they never had it in for PS3 so I just got the 360 one, nonetheless I was happy enough with it so off home I went for real this time.

On my return the unholy minion was chuffed that the xbox games were gone but she looked on at the plastic guitar with dismay I could read that "You have 4 guitars and now you've brought home a plastic one!?" look on her face. Luckily I had a quick fix for this situation, the power of rock!! I quickly got the disc in, popped some rechargeable batteries into the guitar controller and handed it to the sceptic with the Foo Fighters ready to play. Ker-Plunk!!! She loved it!! Her score was OK but she swiftly improved on it when playing a Cream song, happy faces all round. Result.

Social gaming seems to be really huge right now and to be honest I think Guitar Hero might see the Ninty Wii pushed to the side when there's friends over. The neighbours are going to be ecstatic.

In short I'd def recommend this daft thing 'though the new version comes out in a couple of months so you might be better off waiting for that as it comes with more features and a new guitar with extra bits on it. I'm happy with GT3 for now, If I get really into it I might get the new one too. The faceplate also comes off the guitar that comes with GT3 so I may well geek out and tart mine up, if I do I'll post the results.

I'm off now to practice my chops on a plastic guitar.


Monday, 18 August 2008

Shop Closed till Saturday

Boo Hoo, sunday night was a frantic evening, packed the whole shop into boxes and carted it all away into storage. The task of packing the shop is not to be taken lightly and with expert planning and a good list it was done in 5 hours.

Big thanks go out to Callum, Evelyn & Steven for helping out with the packing, Blue Lagoon provided us with Sausage & Fish Suppers to keep energy levels going, at times like that apples & oranges just dont cut the mustard.

The shop WILL reopen 100% on Saturday, it may even be kinda readyish friday at one point, but Saturday is the planned re-open, not so grand, no fanfare or prizes but it will be good to see some friendly faces on the day.

We have our great neighbours upstairs in Rumours to thank for closing, their dodgy plumbing caused the flood we had, the water poured in, wrote off about a third of the stock and messed the floor up big style.
Plastic pressure fittings should be banned or at least not sold to anyone who isn't certified by the Royal Federation of Plastic Push Fittings Society.

So for goodness sake its the hippy hippy shake, if some one on a street corner trys to sell you a plastic pressure fitting, just say NO, its not worth it,

The drugs don't work, they just make things worse.

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 18

The Baby is now 18, old enough to vote, hip hooray. This weeks word was Durex.
The winner of the 18th Fat Buddha Sketch Battle was Terror with this great entry, he has a history of great characters so interested to see what he comes up with this week.

A great contender was this entry from God, i love the green stripes down the middle, really good piece.

This weeks battle seen the lil arguement about biting anothers style, 2 camps argued it out for a bit, it ended peaefully enough before any keyboards got broken.

Sunday, 17 August 2008

Recoat Gallery Launch Night

Toddled along last night to the latest gallery event at the quaint Recoat gallery on Nth Woodside road, this space has hosted events by Insa this year already and the colletion of names at this event did manage to draw the crowds in.

Sheone, the man who adorned every decent addict jacket for the past few years, both these pieces will set you back £1,500 each, not sure id pay it but lovely none the less.

Stash, the creative man behind Subware, great colours on here and although its expensive, a pice id loved to have bought, if the lack of a few grand was not a problem.

This collection from Insa, Futura, Joey D will kill your bank balance but how good would they look on your wall.

The 1 piece i almost so bought, only £100 for this At-At in gold and well well worth it, it is a working ipod speaker system, this is my 1 regret from the show, i should have knabbed this piece.

Loved the idea of this lil train piece, but thought that £450 was having a laugh, but creative and everyone seemed to like the concept, well executed.