Tuesday, 30 September 2008

D-Face London Project

Found this piece on the supertouch blog , as good as the 5m high clash can.

Seems that installation art is making a bit of a comeback, mainly in the guerilla type but with the can and this piece i think you will see more of it appear on your streets, just watch out for it, as it doesnt get advertised.

The cycle of collecting...

As some of you may (or may not) be aware my urban vinyl collection is going through a mass cull This week. This is mainly due to two things, a lack of space and hankering for some new musical equipment. The end result is that 90%...or maybe more of my collection will be sold on the Kid Robot forums and eventually ebay. It's pretty cleansing to be taking my horde down to a manageable amount, and I'll still be picking tings up, I'm just going to be a little more selective. My previous approach was like an avalanche, careering forwards consuming all in it's path. Now I'll be more focused.

In the last couple of days I've sold around £2k worth an I've just put up another batch today. I'd better go, I think a 1960s fender Twin Reverb amp is calling my name....


Monday, 29 September 2008

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 24

Winner of the 24th Fat Buddha Sketch Battle on Duncan Cumming was Suplafly with the above entry, he trounced the competition winning by 5 clear votes, great winner.

Runners up goto En3 and Gangstarr who both finished joint 2nd

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Cheapest Carhartt in Glasgow

Right folks, the new Carhartt winter range is coming in thick & fast and as usual we are the cheapest in Glasgow, manage to beat them all on price and shopping experiene, ha, kidding.
But you can save £5 on a £55 hoodie (£60 in Focus), £5 on £50 Western Jeans (£55 in Outfitters), rest of the range is online wednesday, including the amazing tech Cyclone jacket, this is a grreat jacket and also the Purple Check New Era Hat.

Insa Bubble Chair

As with most furniture you cant reinvent the wheel, but you can take an iconic piece, add your own signature design and colorscheme and biff, bam, bosh you have a chair for people to cream over, what i wouldn't do for one of these chairs, this was found at the supertouch blog

Kaws Stormtroopers Report For Duty

Was surfing today and came across these amazing Kaws figures at the supertouch blog , what i wouldnt pay for a set of these bad boys, must be the best set of Star Wars figures ever.

Stepping up this fall to provide KAWS‘ signature Darth Vader figure with some much-needed bodyguarding are the Original Faker’s new XX-eyed STORMTROOPERS, produced in limited edition by Japanese toy masters MEDICOM TOY. We don’t have to tell you how fast these mindless terror drones are going to move, and one thing’s for sure, they look even better as an army. If only they were life-sized…

Saturday, 27 September 2008

30mm Paint Pen tutorial

Hi guys, this week I'll be showing you the 30mm Monstercolors Paint marker. The pen comes in a wide range of colours and as always available at Fat Buddha.

The marker above is a light blue, so its better for darker surfaces. Like the 15mm when you buy the pen there is no paint in the nib, you need to remove the lid, pump the nib until the paint start to seep through the felt, then its ready to write. The major difference between the 15mm and the 30mm is clear, the size of the nib, this means the 30mm will take a bit longer to fill the nib as it needs a bit more paint.

If you remove the top, inside you will see cotton wool, this was added to make the marker drip less. If you remove this your marker will be more drippy, if your markers too messy for your liking add more cotton wool or pump the nib less. The 30mm is a great pen that covers brilliantly. The 15mm and 30mm pens are a pair and are a great price.

thanks for reading, Calum.

Friday, 26 September 2008

Mr Men & Little Miss Back in stock

Managed to get a restock of the Mr Men & Little Miss Vinyl Figures, each Mr Men & Little Miss figure comes in Small £10 or Large £20, Small being 8" tall, Large being about 16".
The figures are made of wipe clean vinyl and so suited to children, little bit of history regarding Mr Men & Little miss charaters for you below.
As usual we deliver next day, so getting shopping

Mr Men & Little Miss are the creation of Roger Hargreaves in 1971, Mr Men came first and in 1981 Little Miss followed on. 45 books were written before his death, his son adam has continued with 10 new characters, 4 of which were inspired by work his father produced before his death.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Death by longboard

There's been a lot buzzing about my head this week: a lot of which I actually thought might be verging on the interesting, even maybe interesting enough to put up here. But it was all overtaken when my friend, the technowizard Graeme West, sent me this video-Adam Kimmel Presents Claremont in HD. This is a longboarding video from Claremont in California and probably belongs in the fruitbat department of the local nuthouse. Utterly insane, very long and one of the most two-fingers-up-to-impending-death stunts I've ever seen. Enjoy

Till laters, ciao,


Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Guess Who got Married

Yup, oops i did it again, married my Irish girlfriend, shes the new Mrs Docherty, she must have done spomething really bad in a past life to get stuck with me for life, well to be fair 70% of marriages end in divorce so if shes lucky she'll get par9ole and be out in 5 years, ha.

Wedding was in Quesada (espanol) and was attended by the whole Docherty clan, below are some photos, of Siobhan (gorgeous), my daughter Lhanna and my youngest nephew Calvin, getting taught how to be superman.

So, to pay for the honeymoon, id appreciate it if you visited www.fatbuddhastore.com and spent a shit load of money, thanks in advance.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Roll up! Roll up!!!

If you're out and about in old Glasgow town on Wednesday 24th of September (tomorrow as of the posting of this article) get yourself along to the QMU at 22 University Gardens in the West end to check out the Glasgow Craft Mafia indie market. There'll be lots of cool things for you see and buy so don't be shy!!

If you've been into the shop or had a look at all the wonderful wares online you'll no-doubt have seen the vast array of urban vinyl art toys FBS stock. Well if you've checked them out and you'd like to know more about just what the hell they are and what will be getting released in the future you should check out Toy Break. Episodes are available direct from the site and on itunes so you can catch up on your commute. The hosts are the owners of October Toys and they are good people. Two of them are top notch sculptors and they may well have sculpted something in your collection.

Monday, 22 September 2008

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 23

This week was the 23rd sketch battle, won by 5 votes to 4 for Terror with a good entry.

The runner up with 4 votes was kreature with the good Doom looking charater,

The sketch battle can be entered at www.duncancumming.co.uk/forum

Saturday, 20 September 2008

Paint Pen Tutorial

Hi guys, this is the first ever tutorial for the fat buddha graffiti supplies. This week I'll be showing you how to use the 15mm paint marker from Monstercolours. Fat Buddha stocks a wide range of colours, and the monster colours markers are also available in 30mm and with ink, instead of paint.

The Marker above is a dark blue, When you buy it in the shop the paint is in the chamber but not yet ready to use. To start the paint flowing you have to remove the lid, turn the pen upside down and pump the nib in and out uptill the tip is flooded with paint.

Once the nib is full of paint your ready to write. The more you pump the nib the more the paint will flow so if you want a drippy tag press-down and write, but if you prefere a cleaner tag fill the nib once and write without pressing down. The nib itself is chisle shaped, this means that you lines are fat one way but thinner the other. The nib is also re-placeable if it gets damaged, but the pen should write on most surfaces.

The colour is great and covers well. The marker is smooth and easy to write with, and the paint in the marker is water-proof and fade proof.

Thanks for reading,

Regards calum

Friday, 19 September 2008


Recently, while trying to put my life and university dissertation in permanent procrastination mode, I started watching some of my favourite skate videos of yore on youtube.

Skating in the last few years has seemed to me like it's changed for the worse. I find it increasingly difficult to keep up with the overexposure of every new "star" i.e. eleven year old who snapped a tre over the Carlsbad with no style and has burned out a month after his first video part came out. Events seem a lot more corporate based and coverage is definitely on the decline. Even the filming doesn't seem quite as tight, all Atiba rip offs and no individuals like the late Trevor Prescott.

Still, thought I'd put up some of my personal favourite riders-a lot are a little more offbeat.

This best of Jason Adams compilation is mostly taken from his seminal Black Label, "Label Kills" video part, with a little from "Blackout". In "Label Kills", this was the opening part in that video and hit me like a tonne of bricks-some psychobilly tearing to the sound of "The Devil Went Down To Georgia." What I loved about Adams (he's weaker on Enjoi team I reckon) was that he consistently looked like he was going to fall off: he at least looked like he was surfing the terrain and rather than separate tricks, he had a desperate but very fluid style. His back boardslides still look brilliantly original to me.

Nilton Neves. This guy first impressed me in a 411 (don't recall the issue) with one of the most interesting lines I'd seen at the San Francisco pier. Very sharp and smooth style: expressive and with a good bag of tricks. Still the bar for Brazilian street skaters for me.

Who else? That I can talk about without consuming the whole page in this article? Donny Barley...you might noticed a pattern here of styles I like. Actually, it was his 411 Day in The Life that really tuned me into his stuff, when he put together runs in the drains in Honolulu I was very impressed. Keenan Milton was always a great watch. Bob Burnquist, TNT, Omar Hassan, early Trainwreck, Scotland's own John Rattray (nice guy too), Bastien Salabanzi, Marc Johnson...

To finish though, I want to remind you of two legends of style. Below, the classic Tom Penny "Wheels of Fortune" from '93, when the trousers were all MC Hammer and the wheels were no more than 49's. Still got the best 360 filp you'll ever see, hats off to Mr Penny.

And finally, Gino Iannucci. In my eyes, one of the all time greats, appearing here in Girl Skateboard's Yeah Right! for Chocolate. But please, go dig out the Mouse video and stand in awe.

Remember, for great skateboard advice and great deals on major skate brands-Fat Buddha is the place. As it is for just about everything. Till next week where I chew up more bandwidth, ciao,


Thursday, 18 September 2008

Website Review

This is one great site, www.sneakerthings.com , 160 styles of 1/6 scale mini sneakers, Jason Marxx cleaning stuff to keep your sneakers in tip top shape.

The sneakers are all 1/6 scale replicas of all your fave kicks, from Adidas, to Nike, to New Balance, all the best Nike SB's are there, from Tiffany to Stussy dunk, including the soon to be released pigeon dunk.
They deliver almost next day and carry a huge range of stock, pop by the website and try them out at www.sneakerthings.com.

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

LRG Landed instore

LRG landed on monday, not a lot of product, 5 hats, 2 T/Shirts, 2 Zippers & 1 Jacket. Enough to give you an idea of what the brands about, the product we choose are the simple basics, nice pieces, good quality and well priced, hope you like them.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

It's in the game!!

Or so Electronic Arts would like you to believe but sadly the truth is getting farther and farther away from that statement in modern gaming.

I fall into the core age bracket for videogamers and I've been into gaming for a looong time. On the older consoles, PS2 and Xbox etc you'd buy your game for £25-£40 and you'd be ready to rock. If you did well in the game you'd unlock other things, characters, in-game items or modes. Nowadays you don't get that value, in fact you just might get double shafted.

Most games cost between £40 and £50 and when you get to the end of the game you can... well you can play it again or if you want some new gameplay elements you can download extra downloadable content (DLC) but most of the time that comes at a price. EA ("It's in the game" is their slogan) have been charging gamers for crazy stuff, uniforms in Madden NFL, game modes etc basically all the extra stuff that we as gamers are used to getting for free. I also read this week that when Capcom release the new version of Street Fighter on the next-gen consoles you'll be able to pay for extra DLC characters. So instead of completing the game to unlock new characters (a staple in beat 'em ups) you'll be able to pay for them. So maybe they should change the EA slogan to "It's on the disc... erm but you have to pay more cash to access it." Hmm, not quite as catchy is it? Ea have also made content available as paid for DLC that you can actually unlock in the game, the thing is they didn't actually tell anyone you could unlock these things for free. If you're wondering what it was it was extra cars in the Need for Speed game.

Some DLC is worth paying for, games like Mass Effect have extra missions that add to the story and you're actually getting a few hours of extra gameplay for your £5 or £10 or the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion that cost around £17 but you were actually getting a whole games worth of extra content so it was well worth the money. However DLC like that tends to be the exception to the rule, most of the bite sized "DLC", that's stuff like extra cars in games, characters and modes etc are actually already on the game disc you've bought and the DLC you're actually downloading is just an unlock code, that's right you're not actually downloading any content at all!

Some games are looking to go for the uber package when it comes to DLC. Originally the next iteration of the Gran Turismo franchise was only going to ship with one track and a few cars on the disc, if you wanted the extra tracks or more cars you'd have to buy them all from the Playstation online store. Gran Turismo has always been known for having loads of tracks and literally hundreds of cars, if they came out with a similar amount of paid for content you could be looking at paying £50 for the game then literally hundreds on cars and tracks to use in it. Games like The Godfather actually allowed you to pay real cash for in-game money.

The DLC route has really taken off in Korea but it's not so bad there because the games are free and you only pay for add on DLC if you want it, unfortunately in the west the companies are out to hit us twice. Bastards.

Now don't get me wrong if developers go to the trouble of making new DLC that actually expands the game after the games release then fair enough, charge away. If on the other hand the content was produced as a part of the games normal development and it's already on the disc there's no way they should be charging gamers for it. With so many games today coming with in-game adverts (that's why a lot of your games will auto-update when you turn them on, it's downloading the new as) it makes more sense for the developer to keep you playing to keep those advertising revenue streams open but they want gamers to pay them for the game, the advertisers to pay them for space in their game and then they want you to pay for the DLC, oh and if you want to play your video games online with your 360 you'll also have to pay for a Xbox live gold membership (plus you can pay for extra multiplayer maps). So you could be paying 3 times to get the whole experience. I don't mind advertising in games but they should be passing on the savings but instead games are getting more and more expensive.

Monday, 15 September 2008

Musical Express

Came across these Youtube videos when checking out the blog of Focus Skate store in Glasgow & Edinburgh, so thanks to these guys for finding these gem.

The Glasgow Diamonds one goes back to 1986 and has become a bit of an internet hit, quite rightly so.

Fat Buddha Sketch Battle 22

Winner of the 22nd Fat Buddha Sketh Battle was Snackrite with the above entry, good entry, the runners up were duppy and kreature, check out both of them below for their good entries.

The sketch battle is available to enter on the Duncan Cumming Website , but be warned, last weeks sketch battle descended as usual into a useless dialogue where 13 yr old kids were getting all gangstarr on each other, read the thread here and marvel at how they managed to ruin a good threa again, this week only 5 people voted, i do hope things get back to normal again.

But just remember, this is advice ive been given, dont bad mouth folk on a forum, as you don't know when you are going to bump into them in the street.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

All for you

Travel is great, get to fly to all manner of cool exotic places, been to Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vegas, London & Hamburg, this time it was the home of Black Sabbath and Saxon the brummie rockers.

Birmingham is the conference capital of England, and to this fine city me and Gill my sis went, Autumn fair had got us down there. Flying down on monday morn was a relief as last time we took a 5hr car journey which was long and crap, even better since the flights only cost £85 for 2 returns.

Show was average, best thing we seen was the floodlight, a table lamp with 6 bulbs, it will be avialable in November and the best bit is it only costs £60, we have ordered 6 of them so dont take to long as i reckon they wont last long.

Also check out the gun lamp, only £25, as is the robot lamp below, all due in the same time.

After the show, whats a guy to do, few pints of stella a great indian curry and a few bottles of wine, slept like a baby that night for sure.

Fat Buddhas other owner is the fave sis Gill below, not so silent and keeps the accounts in check, we do all the trade shows together.