Monday, 31 August 2009

Carhartt Reverb Belt

We have shown you the nifty Carhartt Clip Belt, this is the grown up version, The Carhartt Reverb Belt, coming at you like at Hurricans £20, its sweet and its a bargain, get it HERE.

Sunday, 30 August 2009

Carhartt Heli Jacket

If i was to buy ONLY 1 jacket this winter (like thats going to happen), it would be this beauty, the Carhartt Heli Jacket, at £145 and a whole list of features to back it up.
  • Laminated Nylon Waterproof Fabric
  • Water Resistant 10000mm
  • Tape Sealed at Stress Seams
  • Water Vapour Permeability 10.000 G/M2
  • Waterproof Zipper
  • Breathability

You can grab it instor or online here.

Carhartt College T's

Who says Carhartt dont make exceptionally good T's and who says Fat Buddha Store dont carry a great range of T's, here we have the Carhartt College T in Green And Lavender (purple).
Great applique logo print on the chest and its up to the usual carhartt quality, instore or online here.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Anyone need a belt ? : Carhartt Chrome Clip Belt

You cannae have great Carhartt jeans and have them falling down at your knees canyou know, no you cant, so whjats the solution, buy a belt, a nice lil Carhartt Chrome Clip Belt at the small sum of only £15, it comes in the 5 great colours shown and it does exactly what it says on the tin.

Instore and of course online HERE.

Carharrt Territory T/Shirt

Carharrt territory T/shirt, for sur ethe best T in the range, instore or here at £28.

Carhartt Hooded Sail Jacket

Here we have the winter fair drawing in and you need to be getting yourself a proper jacket, first option could be the Carhartt Hooded Sail Jacket, we have it 3 glorious colours, Blue, Mountain and Black, the jacket has a Teflon Suplex Coating so repels the water rather well, and at only £110 it wont break the bank.
Instore or online here.

Friday, 28 August 2009

Lunartik Toys Have Arrived

We have been waiting with much anticipation for the 'Cup of Tea' toy from Lunartik, and it landed today, we were amazed at how good it is, surprised at the size as i thought it would be smaller, but it is brilliant, a truly great toy.

There are 4 to collect, £35 each, and for what you get, its great value, each toy comes with a teaspoon and 2 sugar cubes, get them online here.

Not only do we have the 4 colorways of the toy, we have the T/shirt aswell, this is a simple but great print on a Continental T, which is the best quality T you can print on, it is belluetproof and at only £20 one for the collectors.

From the 5th-15th of November we will be part of the Lunartik Roadshow, loads of gust artists have done teir own take on it and we will have them plus Lunartik HIMSELF instore.
Launch party and the whole shibang, it is something to sea.

Carhartt Bobble Hats

Last year we sold out of Carhartt hats, this year we just bought more and more, first up we have the Bobble Hat, coming tpo you at a respectable £18, coloura are Black, Royal Blue, Heather Grey and Carhartt Brown.

They can of course be purchased from our Bricks & Mortar store on 21 Bath Street, Glasgow or you can pop online and buy them here.

Bobbole hats always prove to be a popular choice, we seem to sell more online than we do in store, we deliver next day with courier, or you can rely on the trusty royal mail service.

Top 5 music for a Friday

1 - 'Beating Heart Baby' - Head Automatica.
2 - 'Been Caught Stealing- Janes Addiction
3 - 'Kayleigh' - Marillion.
4 - 'Hands Of Time' - Groove Armada.
5 - 'For Your Precious Love' - Otis Reading.

There you go, the first 5 songs on the FB playlist for today, this top 5 is not indicative of the music you may here in store, if i'm in a slow place it might be Average White Band or Mr Wonder, so be advised.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Found the building

Right, the interesting building turns out to be an old cinema

The B-listed Govanhill Picture House opened in 1926. Built to the designs of Eric A Sutherland, it featured a unique Egyptian-styled facade, with columns and a moulded scarab above the entranceway.

Archive interior image courtesy of dusashenka

The interior sat 1,200, and although described as having stalls and balcony, the front of the 'balcony' came right down to the rear of the 'stalls' level, with a wooden dividing wall to keep the separate areas apart.

The building was sold to ABC in 1929, and remained open until 1961, from when it was used for bingo. That ended in 1974, since when the building has mainly been used as a warehouse.

However, the cinema is now derelict, and the building is on the Scottish Buildings At Risk register.
An application to demolish the building to replace it with flats, retaining just the entrance facade was passed by Glasgow City Council in 2007. No work had been done as of early 2009.

Full article is here.

Dont have a problem with turning it into flats, since the cacade is getting kept, but Glasgow Council need to raise the bar and not allow any crap tiny flats get slung up, just what Govanhill needs 1 & 2 bedroom flats starting at £130k, wheres the social affordable housing. !!!

Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Walk the line.

Vans Authentics are the only shoes I wear.
I'm keeping it that way. Best shoe.


Clyde Walkway

I remember about 18-24 months ago having a rant about the new squinty bridge and the merits of yet another brifge, only hundreds of meters from the current bridge, still not sold on it. although it looks mighty pretty lit up at night.
One of the by-products is the new paved walkway, it looks great at 5.30am, as it was here (thanks to the wife for making me take her to airport), but fast forward 3 hours and its littered with the drunks and junkies spilling out from the hostel across the road, the grass is covered in litter and cans.
Come on the council, get it sorted, and dont even get me started on Mr Steven Purcell leader of the council, elected unopposed in 2005, more for him next week

Tuesday, 25 August 2009


Apart from t shirts and shoes, Mister Cartoon is designing something pretty cool: a spray can. It feels like it’s geared more towards collectors because why tarnish something special when you can simply buy a regular can to paint away with?


Interesting Building No1.

Here we have a rather interesting building, anyone know where it is, its roon the corner fae ma hoose, everytime i walk past it, i think of the taj mahal, bit of a big step i know, but its so incongrous in the street full of tenement buildings.

Glasgow has loads of wee gems like this, if anyone knows about this, then please share.

Its been used as a warehuse the past number of years, dont even know if it is still open and trading, but surely it could not have been built to sere the purpose as a warehouse ????

I like the balconies, so out of place above a set of roller shutters.

Monday, 24 August 2009


Lunartik launched his toy this week, we will be stocking it, aswell as the 2 colours of the T (£20).

To top it off Lunartik is taking his toy and a collection of customs done by te finest toy customisers in the world on a lil holiday, London, Hong Kong and such. The good and great nws is that for 10 days 5-5th of November the collection will be in Fat Buddha, we will of course have a lunch bash, the man will be here, things will be signed, things will be given away and it will be agreat night for all toy collectors.

The toy will be instore later on this week, so do grab one as we only have a few of each.

Here Come the Tacky Kilt Shops

In Glasgow we have managed for years to be fairly devoid of the tacky Scottish shops that plague Edinburghs Royal mile like a big bunion, the only one we have of note is Heritage on Union Street, it sells braveheart swords and all manner of gash, Slanj do a range of Scottish T's which at least have a bit of humour, there are some ok ones mixed in there.

Now we have the above mentioned Kilts & Cashmere of Scotland come to the city of Glasgow, they are one of the stores that plague Edinburgh and when you look at the product, none of it is Scottish, all made in China & India, Scottish Cashmere, i don't think so.

It seems Scottish history is reduced to t'shirts that say Scotland in Glitter and diamontes, kilts for much cheapness and all made in another country, having a look round the shop it is hard to find anything remotely Scottish to be proud of.
You would think the lack of a castle in Glasgow would cause the tourist-mongers to stick to Edinburgh, i hope they do.

Remember Glasgows is Miles Better.

Maisie wanted in the above shot.

Sunday, 23 August 2009

My Fave Pizza

The above is the best pizza, made from pure fat, the local indian in Brigton does it big style, doner meat, spicy chicken, peperoni and onion, half for the noo, and half for lunch the next day, what could be better.