Monday, 26 October 2009

MTN X Upper Playground Artist Cans

Upper Playground recently announced a collaborative project with Montana Colors to create artist series Hardcore cans by four artists. The third MTN x UP Limited Edition artist can in the series features the collaborative work of El Mac and Retna.

Each of these artists has developed his own distinctive style and technique; Retna is renowned especially for his bold calligraphic brushwork, and Mac for his uniquely stylized painting of lifelike faces and figures; El Mac uses spraypaint and Retna uses spraypaint and acrylic for paintings; oil, acrylic, enamel, pencil, and other mediums on paper, canvas, and wood.

El Mac and Retna have combined forces a number of times in recent years, and have gained increasing attention and applause for the powerful and beautiful murals they’ve painted in Los Angeles and several other cities around the globe.
Last month, they released Alianza, a 96-page hardcover book that highlights their collaborations, along with a selection of individual paintings and photos by each artist, as well as a collection of lifestyle photos, photos of the artists working and their travels, and close-up views of the murals themselves.

Mister Cartoon created a signature can for Montana Colors and Upper Playground’s limited edition artist cans. The first in a series of four, the Mister Cartoon MTN x UP can depicts a stylized vision of LA, complete with downtown storefronts and the Virgen de Guadalupe. Angelo Lospinuso from Montana Colors exclaims,
What I can say about this man? He’s a living legend, from LA to the rest of the world; actually I think he is one of the greatest ambassadors of the West Coast life style worldwide. Words are not enough to express the respect we have for Mister Cartoon!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Jellyface instock now

Jellyface is a design collective from Italy, they contacted us and asked if we wanted to carry their range of Plush Toys, at only £15 each, they come with a poster and a badge, they look great and come in a great range of colours.

Available instore and online soon'ish.


This would rule........

UK sucks.


Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot X Medicom

Last one i promise, this is the Star Wars TIE Fighter Pilot X Medicom toy, we have 1 left and aint she a beauty, get it here.

Star Wars Clonetrooper X Medicom

Following on from the Darth MEdicom figure last week, here we have the Star Wars Clone trooper X Medicom figure, we only have 1 left and its £55, so dont sleep and order it here.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sakura Broad tipped Ink Marker

Here is the 2nd instalment from the guysat Sakura, Broad tipped chisel industrial ink marker, built to write on anything, and it does.

We gave you all the history of Sakura in the last post, they ar old skool industrial built products, built for hard useage and they will last, buy them here.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Carhartt Active Leather Jacket

Here we have the Carhartt Active Jacket in Leather, £310 is the price, this may seem pricey but when you pick it up and try it on, you will know where the money goes. The quality of the jacket is pretty amazing and as usual its made with the best leather, buy it here.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Sakura Of America

Our newest product is the Sakura of America range, SAkura make Solid Paint Markers and in their field ar the industry leaders, solid paint markers are £4 each and available here.
The tough marker for tough jobs, the Solid Marker is solidified paint in a marker stick. It marks through oil, grease, rust, mud, snow—inside or outside.
Dries within minutes, and is permanent once dry. Solid Markers won’t fade or wash off like chalk. The special “stay fresh” twist mechanism keeps paint fresh and ready to use.
Ideal for use on wood, cloth & canvas, plastic, steel & iron, rubber, cardboard, glass, fiberglass & concrete.
Solid marker features a tough, broad stroke, is quick-drying and virtually odorless.
This marker is widely used in commercial and industrial applications in construction, welding & fabrication, pipelines & drilling, assembly lines, automotive tires & windshields, HVAC, plumbing systems or with stencils.
Available in 11 colors: black, red, blue, green, purple, orange, yellow, white, fluorescent lemon, fluorescent orange and fluorescent pink.
Working temperature range: 14°F to 392°F (-10°C to 200°C) 13 mm wide mark can be trimmed with knife for smaller marks.
Alcohol based cleaners will remove ink from non-porous surfaces. Fluorescent colors are not lightfast.

Sakura initially started as a crayon company in 1921. Disappointed that traditional crayon colors didn’t mix or overlay well, the innovative founders of Sakura began to experiment with different formulations to create an ideal stick drawing material. By 1924, Sakura invented the first-ever oil pastel that combined oil and pigment and named it Cray-Pas, a combination of the two words crayon and pastel.
Our company heritage in art materials led to development of a specialized ink technology, Pigma ink, which is used in our Micron, Graphic and Brush pens. In the early 80’s, Sakura’s labs identified the need for an inexpensive drafting tool that used superior pigment instead of low-grade dye inks.
The breakthrough came with the discovery of how to reduce the pigment particles to submicron size so that the inks flow evenly through even the narrowest of pen nibs. Today, Pigma ink continues to be the most reliable archival quality ink on the market and is loyally used by architects, scientists, artists, cartoonists, and scrapbookers, to name a few.

In 1984, Sakura surprised the pen industry with its technological breakthrough invention of the first gel-based ink. The research team had spent many years trying different ingredients, developing and testing prototypes, but nothing would meet the Sakura quality and performance standards.
Despite many failures, the determined team finally hit a eureka moment, discovering a new ingredient in a chemical trade publication which was tested and turned out to be the answer to creating the perfect gel ink! In recognition of Sakura’s success in developing the world’s first gel ink pen, Japan’s patent office awarded Sakura the prestigious Inventors Award in 2000.

Carhartt Sweats

Carhartt are the masters of making great fitting classic items, all the items fit great, amazing quality and priced to sell, our carhartt range is the best in Glasgow, for all you onliners, you can get it here.