Tuesday, 25 May 2010

My Favourite Things (pt.2- Taylor)

Taylor is the latest Fat Buddha recruit, but in the 6 weeks since he arrived he has helped get the stock room catalogued from front to back and is now working on various web site related tasks (he's a bit of a tecchy whizz kid!).

Anyway, here is some of his favourite things from the shop....

Taylor likes Metal music, which has influenced a couple of picks me thinks. You can see the inspiration from classic metal graphics on the latest Hundreds tee and Carhartt skate decks we got in.

We've got loads of art and design books in the shop, Taylor likes most of them! His love of comics means that a book on 60 Years of Manga is one right up his street. He also chose the Addict Camobot (by Mr. Jago) that we've had for a while but is still loved by vinyl figure fans from all over the world.

And we now know why Leslie likes Taylor so much.....he's the only one in the shop that likes KISS just as much as him! His final choice is therefore a no-brainer....the Gene Simmons Weenicon.

We'll have another staff favourites next week. If you've got any favourite things let us know about them and a bit about yourself.

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