Tuesday, 13 July 2010

FAQ's - What Paint???

Carrying on our series of frequently asked questions that we get in the shop, over the phone and by email on a regular basis today we will be covering paint, spray paint to be precise.

We carry a lot of paint in the shop, from the best brands in the world, and we try to keep everyone happy by stocking premium brands in a wide range of colours and finishes. A question we are guaranteed to be asked almost every day is 'what's the best (spray) paint?'.

A simple question, but a subject which could fill a book, so this blog post will be a quick(ish) summary...

What are you painting? The paints we carry are very versatile and go on pretty much any surface, although it will soak right through paper and will crack if applied to fabric. Almost everything else is good to go - concrete, brickwork, wood, metal, plastics etc. (some surfaces may require primer which is available at any good car spares shop). It's not just graffiti artists that use spray paint, we have artists, designers, model-makers, restorers, sign-writers, customisers, marketing/events companies, set designers and even people from the construction industry buying paint from us.

What kind of finish? This can vary widely depending on the paint you use, the surface you are painting on, and also the preperation you do. Most of our paints have a standard finish, which is fairly flat (somewhere between matt and satin) although some sanding with fine wet/dry paper can buff it up nicely, or alternatively you could go for Montana Basic which has a gloss finish. A smooth surface gives the cleanest finish but don't let that stop you experimenting on rough surfaces for different results.

What's the best brand? Depending on your budget, experience and what you are trying to achieve this can vary. Our cheapest paint is Montana Basic (£3.75 per can) and if you don't want a gloss finish, Montana Black (from £4 per can), are both are excellent value and give great coverage - with 102 different colours of Montana Black, you're sure to find a colour for the job at hand. Moving up we have Montana Gold (£4.50 per can) which has some of the deepest colours I've ever seen in spray paint (the fluoro's, chromes and transparent cans are well worth a try).

For the more experienced users, it often comes down to a personal preference which is why we also stock Belton, MTN (Spanish Montana), Nitro 2G and Molotow (the last two being best for covering over other colours).

A bit of a long-winded post there, but trying to get in lot's of info!

• As always with spray paint, the law states that you must be over 16 years of age to buy it, so we will need to see photographic idea when you come into the shop.

• You should always follow instructions on the can (it's there for a reason).

• Use a respirator and in a well ventilated area (read about Iz the Wiz if you need convincing)

• We do not condone vandalism and the law takes a dim view of people spray painting on surfaces that don't belong to them. Contact your local council and see if there are any legal walls, skateparks, community projects etc. where they are happy for you to paint all day long.

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