Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Obey Stickers?

I wonder if we'll be seeing any OBEY stickers around in the near future???

We love stickers at Fat Buddha and our customers seem to like them too, that's why everyone who orders online gets a nice little sticker pack sent to them. We've got some nice ones sent to us from our friends at Eastpak and Carhartt, so a lucky few people have and will be receiving them as well.

We also sell the classic 'Hello...my name is' stickers, perfect for letting everybody know who you are.


My Favourite Things Pt.8 Lyle

Lyle's the newest member to join the team at Fat Buddha and, like the rest of us, he has already built up a bundle of products in the back of the shop to spend his first pay packet on - I think Leslie might just start paying us in clothing and goodies if this keeps up!

Here's some of the goodies that Lyle will be getting over the next few days...

Firstly, Lyle is looking to expand his vinyl figure collection by getting hold of a Series 2 Fatcap, and to he loves his Gloomy Zipper Pull so much, he's going for the bigger version with the Gloomy Muzzle harness figure.

Lyle is getting his stealth vibe going on by sticking to all black clothing with The Hundreds Jumbo Tee, and finishing off the look with some classic Monty Pant in black too. These should go well with The Hundreds Johnson Mids he bought last month.

Not wanting to miss out on the Limited Edition MTN Artist Series cans, Lyle's spending his remaining cash on an Elmac collectable can.

Lyle is in the shop most weekdays and knows his stuff when it comes to paint, pens and inks and anything he doesn't know, isn't worth knowing!


Monday, 30 August 2010

Dunny Collection

I love nothing more than chatting with fellow dunny collectors when they come in to the shop....which ones have they got?, what are their favourites? and what one do they REALLY want!?

My wife and I have been collecting for a few years now, after randomly popping in to Fat Buddha,  and have got quite a nice collection building up. We buy one each and for some reason my wife always gets the coolest looking and rarest ones (she even has a collection on her desk at work, which is where any doubles end up). 

If we get the same one for a third time, I get to work on it...woohoo!

Here's about a quarter of our collection (I'll get the rest photographed once we get another couple of display stands for them). This is our Dunny shelf, with dunny's from ye Olde English Series, Series 5, Dunny Fatale, and the French Series. I'll be after a couple of the 2010 series on pay day! 

For the eagle-eyed dunny collectors amongst you, there are a couple in our wee group that I guarantee you will not have! Can you spot them? Answers on a postcard or in the comments!


Sunday, 29 August 2010

Kid Robot 2010 Dunny

Kid Robot 2010 Dunny has landed instore, we have been remiss and a bit slow loading them online, will be by tomorrow, you can buy the whole CASE or just one offs.

Recoat Gallery - Observations - 3rd September

Here we have another cracking event by the Recoat Gallery, looks like we have another winner on our hands, dont forget to stock up on paint supplies to fuel your artistic side


Here's a behind the scenes photo sneek peek fresh off David's editing of new staff member Lyle, modelling the brand new "Andy" tshirt from the Autumn 2010 range by The Hundreds.

Lyle is a bright kid whos been friends with the shop for many years and knows alot about painting so say Hey next time you're in.


Saturday, 28 August 2010


I go back to college on Monday and it just hit me today that I need to get some sketch pads! So, just so you don't forget too, here they are!

We do 3 types of sketch pads

Spiral Pads for the cheap solution. Available in 3 sizes A4, A5, A6
 and in both landscape and portrait.

Then we have the better quality and longer lasting Blackbook. Again, available in 3 sizes A4, A5, A6
and in both landscape and portrait.

Then the last option is the super long lasting and quality, Square Chunky Blackbook which is available in a small and large size.

Fat Buddha will sort you out.

Friday, 27 August 2010

Cheeky Little Lamp in the Window

Every day in work I am forced to laugh by someone staring and giggling at our cheeky little Shy Lamp in the Sales Desk Window (Usually old ladies!). When we got in the range of Mr P products from Propaganda we were all very impressed by the fun nature of the designs and have since been a HUGE hit here at Fat Buddha! The Propaganda website even has a little fart powered, Mr P Angel cursor! It's fantastic!

The mugs especially, constantly fly off the shelves and we are forever having to fill them up and order more.

However, the best product in my opinion is the Shy Lamp!

I have lost count of the amount of people who stand and drag their friends back to window to have a laugh at Mr P's expense. Poor wee guy! I definetly could have done without the one wee old woman who decided to stand in the street shouting 'I'd rather have the real thing!' though.

Have a great weekend folks, don't be shy now...

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Fat Buddha has a posse.

'Giant' things are on the horizon for us here at Fat Buddha

September promises to be one of our best months yet. Since day one we have strived to bring you the best in street wear, vinyl toys, books and lifestyle products and we won't stop.

Make sure you're kept up to date on-the-go by following the official twitter accounts of the staff:

Fat Buddha Store





Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Wake Up.

After weeks and weeks and literally WEEKS of people telling me how mind blowing it is, I finally got to see the new film by Christopher Nolan - INCEPTION.

I'm usually skeptical of major blockbusters because the hype usually always drowns a film I would normally thoroughly enjoy, but thankfully this film lived up and even exceeded all hype surrounding it.

Films that tackle the mind can often be conceited and drawn out but Nolan creates a world full of possibilities, action and thrilling concepts.

Its safe to say I'd thoroughly recommend this movie.
And for anyone struggling to sleep or dream or even relax, may I suggest some of our cushions to help you drift off:

Sleep tight.

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Size Doesn't Matter

At Fat Buddha we sell things that are huge! Some things even have 'Mega' in the name but it's not always about the biggest being the coolest. We sell little things too that are equally as great. One of them being our selection of Mini Sneakers.

Brought to us by the guys behind Sneaker Things, these little Mini Sneakers come in literally hundreds of varieties. We sell pretty much all of them online here and in store by the cash desk. So wether you want a mini version of your favourite Jordans for your house keys or want to buy your partner those classic Adidas Superstar, 35th Anniversary RUN DMC we got it!

Walk This Way

Monday, 23 August 2010

It's Monday and It's Raining

Whilst Leslie is on his holidays we are holding the fort down here.
Despite the weather and whatnot the sun us always shining in Fat Buddha.

In the next few weeks we will have a brand new range of all our Carhartt stuff online and instore for you and exclusively online, the mighty, Obey.

In the meantime - grab an umbrella!


Sunday, 22 August 2010

Getting Started.

Whilst this video I found the other night might be more advanced in terms of styles and composition, everyone has to start somewhere. So I if you aspire to be like the Ironlak team one day, you need to get yourself a Deluxe starter pack:

You get 12 cans of Montana black paint, a respirator, assorted caps, gloves, a sketchbook and loads more to get you started.


Saturday, 21 August 2010

Drew Needs Sharpie

The wacky and cute superstar that is Drew Barrymore was in London last week for the premier of her newest movie, Going The Distance.

She then went on to Radio 1 for an interview with Sarah Cox which was quite funny and a great listen. During the interview she confessed to her obsession with Sharpie and how she was jealous of David Beckham for getting to promote them. Even stars need a good marker for doing autographs and testing tattoo designs out (which apparently Drew likes to do...) so get your Sharpie pens here celebrities!

I love Drew <3

Thursday, 19 August 2010

Ring A Ling

Got your number! Wait... Have you? It's 0141 332 2208

Now we have that out the way do you have a phone? Of course you do but do you have a phone like these?

The Trim phones, Scandiphone, Dreyfuss 500 phones and the amazing Diner Phone are all part of our range of Wild and Wolf goodies. Get in touch the right way!

Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Back to School.

They say its the best days of our lives... Which I'm not fully convinced by, but its that time of year again... The schools are back!

Whether it's your first year or final year, Fat Buddha has you covered with a few essential black items in-keeping with your schools uniform rules.
First up, ideal for those cold mornings walking for the bus, we have the waterproof and very heavy duty Triton jacket by Carhartt:

Followed by the School essential, the backpack. When it comes to bags nobody does it better than Eastpak. Here we have the Padded Pak'r:

Finally we have the classic staple all black shoe in the shape of the forever popular Vans slip on:


Monday, 16 August 2010


Travis Barker of Blink-182 fame here sporting the all-over print Gunshow script t-shirt by Rogue Status which is part of our on going SUMMER SALE!

Travis himself created his own brand Famous Stars and Straps in late 1999, which is influenced by punk rock and hip-hop culture and specialises in big graphic tees and accessories.

The brand is a favourite amongst artists including: Sum41, Eminem, The Game, Avenged Sevenfold, Blink 182, Paul Wall, +44 and even Kim Kardashian.

Here at Fat Buddha the brand is a favourite amongst staff and customers and we carry a wide range of t-shirts and hats:


Sunday, 15 August 2010


A few awesome posters made for some of my favourite films.
And for fans of the big screen check out these awesome Weenicons inspired by big screen characters including the "Ultra Violence" which is a take on Alex from 'A Clockwork Orange'


James Jarvis

For those who don't know who James Jarvis is, he is an illustrator and graphic artist from London, who in 1998 designed the legendary toy figure 'Martin' which kick-started the designer toy revolution!

Jarvis has worked for some of the biggest names around - Sony, Stussy and Nike to name a few, check out the nike video he recently animated...

He also did this cover for Juxtapoz magazine.

We've got a few Amos figures in the shop, so why not head down and with the money you save on our sale, get hold of some designer vinyl with your change.


Saturday, 14 August 2010

Munny Munth

Celebrating the 5 year anniversary of the worlds best DIY toy from Kidrobot, MUNNY MUNTH the huge customizing contest 2010.

This year's MUNNY MUNTH was extra-spectacular! Kidrobot thanks you for participating as artists, as voters and as viewers!

The Judges had a difficult time choosing from all the amazing MUNNYs, they had over 800 submissions! Munnys are probably our best selling toy as well and we have a huge selection on the website so check them out if you are feeling inspired or creative.

Here are the Winners of MUNNY MUNTH 2010!
Winner - The Incubater by Betso
Second - Wooden Sky Monkey by Dred

Third - Neandertown Executive by Igor Ventura

I picked my favourites from the other category winners but there was sooooooo many good ones yu have to check them all out here.