Sunday, 31 July 2011

Getting Shirty

Okay, the last week or so's weather has been really beautiful and we're all so grateful! However, it's still not really hot (or reliable) enough to abandon our layers completely - so check out some of these great new shirts we've just received in from Carhartt.Whether you're looking for a smart light-weight summer shirt, or something a bit more substantial to take you into Autumn and winter, we've got it! Check out our new selection -

 This lovely light-weight check shirt, part of Carhartts S/S 2011 drop, is 100% cotton, features a button down collar and single pocket on left hand side of chest. Available in these two colours, this is a great piece for dressing up and dressing down!

Carhartt do a great selection of denim shirts, and we're loving this brand new one that's just in! It's an 100% cotton dark rinsed denim and features twin chest pockets with stand-out white stitching.

A favourite for us here in store is this nice and cosy Croker shirt! Again, 100% cotton but a bit heavier than the other S/S 2011 shirts we've gotten in making it great for those chilly summer evenings and can even be taken right through to winter as an underlayer. A staple piece for your wardrobe! This shirt has already started selling fast, so if you're after one make sure to be quick! 


Saturday, 30 July 2011

Inside The Gadget Planet of Mr P!

Mr P he's.... naughty but nice
But certainly not sugar and spice!!

You will find these quirky little Mr P characters lurking about our Buddha Gift shop, peeking at you from behind the shelves with his mischievious little grin and his added extra fun bit he's sure to bring a wide grin to all! I'm sure he even winks and has a sneaky wee chuckle to himself sometimes!

We stock a range of  these products in Buddha Gifts and on-line for you to peruse at your leisure, enjoy and have fun with him and the gadget planet he inhabits.

Propagandist Company Limited (Propagandist) is a design company in Thailand established in 1994 by four advertising experts. The company creates everyday interior design and household objects, which are wacky and fun inspired by daring designers and the Thai sense of playfulness and love of life.

Within two years of starting business, the company expanded its product range and started exporting its wares beyond Thailand. So we can bring the wacky world he has inspired to you and into your own weird wacky world!

The lamps as illustrated are only a small selection of their products. The Mr P character is also available on mugs, ashtrays and has various incarnations in the form of tape dispensers, bookends and there's even a Mr P Cuddly toy for you to snuggle into if you so desire!

 For those amongst us concerned about our pearly whites Mr P even has a distinctive molar tooth shaped range of accessories from toothbrush holders to salt and pepper shakers! The mind boggles.

Propaganda Toothbrush Holder Mr P Propaganda Propaganda Toothbrush Holder - Thumb
 All in the name of Home Interior Styling! Well at least if it raises a giggle and a few comments amongst friends they are worth having around. They would also make fab gifts for friends or family so if you are looking for something that exudes quirky and funky taste you know where to come too! We can even gift wrap if for you in our high quality distinctive black and copper paper. We also have cards for all occasions too, so that's your birthday's, anniversaries and even just a present for present's sake all sorted!

All the above items and more are available now in  Buddha Gifts and on-line.

Domus 949 - July/August 2011

A newbe at Fat Buddha - Domus! This magazine was originally created by Gio Poni the renowned Italian Designer and Architect, and has been around for almost 90 years with the first publication being in 1928. Domus, focused on Architecture and Design is large-format, heavy and produced on high quality paper with striking photography and a healthy amount of written word on Architecture, design, interiors and arts. Published in Italy, the magazine is bilingual, containing articles printed in both English and Italian.

This issue takes a look at the proposal by Andrea Costa and Deborah Sanguineti
 for 'Project Hercules' (cover image) as well as an in-depth look at several buildings including Fuji Kindergarten, Butaro Hospital by MASS Design Group, and Glasgows local 'Riverside Museum' - designed by renowned Iraqi Architect Zaha Hadid. As well as this Domus takes a look at Subsidised housing in Soweto, an emergency NGO clinic by Tamassociati
 not to mention several articles, including on the subjects of the animism of objects, Furniture and 'Critical Design'.

Pick up your copy both in-store and online here at Fat Buddha! 



Blueprint 306 - September 2011

Having been in print almost 30 years, Blueprint has become known as one of the leading monthly magazines for archtiecture and design. Following its recent make-over, the magazines clean, large-format design sets it apart from many other magazines and features the finest critisicm, news and feature writing on design and architecture accompanied by photography and illustration of the highest standard. Aimed at both professionals and non-professionals alike, the magazine takes the approach that different design principles, such as fashion, product, furniture and architecture, can share concepts and ideas.

This months issue takes a roundup of the best work of the 2011 Degree Shows, looking at some of the best architecture and design work from students both at home and abroad - some names to watch for in the future!

In profile, Blueprint takes a look at the German architect Ole Scheeren, who's become both a
figurative and literal poster boy for Asian architecture. He speaks to Alex Warnock-Smith on his near-celebrity status, the differences between designing Western and Far Eastern buildings and his vision for the future of his business.

Back on this side of the water, they take a look at the new Serpentine Pavaillion in Hyde Park, created by leading Swiss architect, Peter Zumthor, who teamed up with Dutch garden designer Piet Oudolf to create a walled garden in a large, black structure. Between them, Caroline Roux and Corinne Julius discuss both Zumthor and Oudolf’s contribution to this year’s Pavilion.

Finally, this months View Junya Ishimagmi talks to NatreWannathepsakul about his installation at the Barbican; Paul Smith talks to Bluprint about his new student design project at Nottingham Trent University; Johnny Tucker discusses Ron Arad's newest piece at the Roundhouse and Erik Spiekermann discusses right brain/left brain theory and its effect on designers in his monthly Achtung! column.

Both in-store and online, this September issue of Blueprint is available now!


Architectural Review 1374 - August 2011

The world renowed Architectural Review have just launched a new August issue which we've received in store here at Fat Buddha!  Established in 1896, AR have published 1370 issues in their 115 year existance and have tracked the development of architecture as we know it, collaborating with the most exeptional writers and photographers to record and analyse an unparallelled index of key buildings. 

The theme of this issue is 'the dream home' and what it takes to make one truely memorable. Here, AR takes a look at the entries for the annual AR House Award - for each of their owners, undisputedly their dream house taken form, but for the architects a look at the more pressing issues affecting each, such as energy efficiency, technology and contextual response.

In addition to this, AR looks at some of the current issues in architecture at the moment as well as the awards for emerging new architecture.

Available right now both in store and online!


Friday, 29 July 2011

Polaroid Instamatic

The future is here…. in Polaroid shades of technicolour and silver. These fab refurbished camera models look right at home in the shiny new 21st century, the Netherland based company, Impossible, are making it bringing them back to life and into our store. These amazing cameras provide you with hours of fun, instant photos for instant gratification! Yes you may think it a bit of a dinosaur lurking in the camera world, well a whole generation of new kids on the block are having fun and experimenting in fun innovative ways with good old-fashioned analogue instant Polaroid film. The retro vibe is alive and kicking.

The survival of these unique cameras is down to a passionate labour of love, between a former employee of the company, Andre Bosman and a man with a great zest for photography, Dr Florian Kaps, and in particular Polaroids. Their shared vision was to make the Impossible.....Possible!

These very focused men and a highly experienced group of former Polaroid employees are labouring diligently and with earnest to bring these unusual quirky cameras back to life and into your home, again!

The Impossible Project exhibit all over the world and currently have a few exhibitions on the go at the moment that will be of interest to all you creative photographers, here are the details and some examples of the images on display.

Space in Tokyo is proudly presenting a new exhibition:


It is already the 3rd collaboration between Impossible Tokyo and the Japanese photographer Takashi Homma, currently one of the most important independent photographers in Japan.

For this exhibition he has been shooting actress Kiko Mizuhara on PX 680 Color Shade FF and PX Silver Shade 600 UV+ Grey Frame. With his unique distance to the subject, Takashi is always telling us “what photography is”.

An comtemporary exhibition and rare insight into the world of the Polaroid and unique Polaroid film showing the starling effects from using this as an art medium!

There is currently another major Polaroid exhibition more closer to home :-

From Polaroid to Impossible 2011 Vienna
June 17 - August 21 2011

Westbahnstraße 40
1070 Vienna
+43 (0)1 522 66 36

An inspiring, never before seen profile of the Polaroid Collection.

This exhibition shows a representative profile of the recently saved, legendary, European part of the Polaroid Collection, featuring works by photographers such as Andy Warhol.and Ansel Adams. The eye catcher in the show are large format Polaroids (20x24 inch) taken with a special custom made camera. Conceptual art such as collages, opulent arrangements and trendy staging reflect the zeitgeist of the 70s and 80s. Next to the big names, there are also many works of outstanding photographers unknown on the art market until much recently.

Here are some examples of the images on display:-

by Mary Ellen Mark,
Mary Ellen Mark

by Stefanie Schneider,
Stephanie Schneider
by Hervé Plumet,
Herve Plumet

Happy snapping with your coveted Polaroid! And don't forget the film!

Do you think the Big Boss would let me go, on company time and expenses, to view one of these exhibitions in the interests of appreciation of photography and our product line of Cameras!!!


Half Price Girl and Chocolate

With it being pay-day for pretty much everyone today, we thought we'd give you a little Summer treat by giving you 50% off all Girl t-shirts and Chocolate t-shirts.

Chocolate is an extension of the Girl Distribution family label. The Chocolate Skateboards brand was born in April of 1994 in Torrance, California. The company was formed due to the rapid growth of the Girl Skateboard label and the industry as a whole.

Girl Skateboards was started in August 1993 as by Rick Howard, Mike Carroll, and Spike Jonze.
Girl speacialises in shirts, hats, skateboard wheels, hoodies, trousers, bearings, belts, wallets, skateboarding films.

Click on either of the Girl or Chocolate logos to be taken directly to the range!


Thursday, 28 July 2011

New colours of Hudson, Floyd and Padded Pak'r bags - Eastpak

Yesterday we took a delivery from Eastpak with some new colourways in some classic styles of bags. There is 4 new colours available across the three bags. (Intense Shade and Pure Cube for both the Hudson and Floyd, Foolish Green and Wacko Green for the Padded Pak'r.)

Lets first of all have a look at the two new colours in the Padded Pak'r:

Padded Pak'r Foolish Green

Padded Pak'r Wacko Green

  • Large Main Compartment
  • Zippered Front Pocket To Stash Small Stuff
  • Comfortable Padded Back
  • Thick Padded Shoulder Straps
  • Dimensions : 41 x 30.5 x 15.5 cm

Next up we'll have a look at the Hudson in it's new colours:

Hudson Intense Shade

Hudson Pure Cube

  • Volume: 27 L
  • Laptop compatible
  • Broad straps
  • Warranty: 30 years
  • Dimensions: 52 x31 x16.5 cm

And lest but not least we'll have a look at the Floyd:

Floyd Intense Shade

Floyd Pure Cube

  • Large main compartment
  • Multi zippered front pockets
  • Side bottle holder pocket
  • Compression straps
  • Dimensions: 48 x 29 x 12.5cm
As always these bags come with all the features you would expect and the craftsmanship, quality and 30 year guarantee from Eastpak.

Eastpak, originally known as 'Eastern Canvas Products' was established by Monte Goldman in 1960 as an armed forces retailer - specialising in products such as knapsacks and duffel bags. In the mid 70's however, Monte's son, after noticing other students using military rucksacks to carry books, persuaded his father to introduce a line of consumer-aimed products. This collection was the first to be launched under the Eastpak name and it quickly gained popularity across college and university campuses.

Over the years since its launch, Eastpak has become synonymous with quality and durability with their 'Built to Resist' philosophy.

You can of course take a look at all the Eastpak bags we do over at our website.

Eastpak also do a clothing line you can have a look at here.

As always find us on Facebook and Twitter to get up to the minute news on all the goings on in the store.


NME - Amy Winehouse tribute issue

This past week we got our first delivery of magazines in the shop. Since the closure of the very popular Borders on Buchanan street there's been a gap in Glasgow for a decent place for publications covering a wide range of topics including art, design, music and film.

We brought you coverage on Tuesday of some of the design titles we got in, but it was a pleasant suprise when we got a delivery of NME yesterday.

NME is a premier weekly music magazine delivering cutting edge stories and features on a wide array of bands and artists and is noted for launching many careers and it's bold front covers.

This weeks cover though, features Amy Winehouse who sadly died at the weekend.

It was a great sadness - and shock - when we learned the news of Amy Winehouse passing, she's hailed as a genuine British talent. Many of the tributes i've seen online have focused on her more morose songs - but I want to celebrate her with this - from her 2006 second album Back to Black - one of her more upbeat songs.

It seems a shame that someone else join the famed "27 Club". I urge you to pick up this beautifully shot tribute issue - available instore and online now, which features interviews with many artists paying their respects and coverage of some of her best interviews/shoots.


Carhartt X Powershovel Blackbird Fly Camera

For the Fall/Winter season 2011 Carhartt presents the Blackbird Fly camera in collaboration with PowerShovel.

Japanese company PowerShovel was founded for one reason only: a sheer passion for analogue photography.

For Carhartt they are now producing one of their most beautiful models – the Blackbird Fly – in a distinctive Carhartt design.

The Blackbird Fly is modelled on the classic twin-lens medium format camera Rolleiflex, the double-barrel 35-mm-film camera used by Andy Warhol and James Dean.

Its old-fashioned style is guaranteed to bring the pleasure of analogue photography back to every vintage enthusiast.

The Carhartt version is released in a nice military green. The camera’s casing is made from high quality plastics.

Technical Specifications:
•Lens: f/33mm / photo lens
•Shutter speed: 1/125
•Aperture: f7 (cloudy) f11 (fine weather)
•Focus: visual distance estimated measurement (0.8/1.5/2/2.5/3/4/5/10/∞)
•Weight: body 210g / case 30g
•Film type: 135 (35mm) film
•Camera type: 65 mm twin-lens reflex camera

We do carry a rathe huge amount of Lomography, all available instore and online, the range includes Polaroid and we hope you'll like it, view the full range HERE.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Nixon - The Unit and 51-30 Leather

The sun has been at its highest this week, and although we are all far too warm in the shop, we're still plugging away and gettin deliveries from all our major brands. Today was no different with a double whammy from our current main watch brand Nixon - with the arrival of The Unit and The 51-30 Leather in two new colourways.

Nixon The Unit Watch - Matte Black/Surplus

Movement: Custom digital with temperature gauge, dual time, count down timer, chrono, alarm, and light

Case: Custom 100 meter polycarbonate with hardened mineral crystal and polycarbonate bezel. 49mm diameter

Band: Custom double injected silicone with patented locking looper and polycarbonate buckle. 24mm wide

Nixon 51-30 Chrono Leather in Saddle/Black

Movement: 6 hand Japanese quartz with second sub dial, chrono and date.
Case: Custom 300 meter stainless steel with hardened mineral crystal, external rotating bezel with countdown timer, and screw crown at 9 clock position. 51.25mm diameter.
Band: Imported leather with custom stainless steel buckle. 25mm wide.

The foundations of Nixon were established in 1996 by Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna after an unsuccessful shopping trip to find a watch that reflected DiNennas surfing lifestyle. When he couldn't find it, and noticing this gap in the market, the two raised nearly $1 million by 1997 to start what we now know as Nixon - a watch company that catered to action sports.

Both stunning time-pieces are available now in-store and online.


1950's Diner Telephone - Wild And Wolf

Time for a look at a modern take on an old classic...The 1950's American diner phone. It was a staple in most diners in America from the early 50's and didn't change in style until around 1965. The telephone we have on offer is from a British company called Wild and Wolf.

1950's American Diner Telephone

As you can see the phone stays as true to the original as possible, it features a push button for "coin release" as well as a authentic rotary look, it also has a "returned coins" slot. The deposit coins slots are functional (although not need to make a phone call) and so is the lock box (key provided) at the bottom, so not only are you getting a phone but also a surprise money box, you'll also hear the jingle of your coins going down.

Wild and Wolf are a British, award winning, design led gift company. Specialising in licensed (as well as their own) designed gifts, including licenses from: Marmite, Scrabble, Beano, V&A, and Ladybird among other.
The company has won "Gift of the year" since 2005 from The Gift Association.

You can take a look at all the products that Wild and Wolf offer right here at their website.

We also carry a large selection of other styles of telephone here at Fat Buddha, as well as a range of other quirky gifts and gadgets available on our Gadgets/Lifestyle section of our website.

Don't forget you can keep up to date with all the latest news on our Facebook and Twitter pages.


Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Kilimanjaro erupts!

No not the volcanic mountain, the Magazine - and onto the shelves of Fat Buddha!

Okay, that was bad....but really, today we welcomed into our ever growing collection this beautiful, large format magazine dedicated to visual culture and editorial experimentation. Within its pages art, culture and style are brought together in an avant-garde manner making it unlike any independent publication you're ever likely to come across!
Forget everything you expected from a magazine before, Kilimanjaro is 48cm wide and 68cm tall demanding an active user experience and
jam packed full of wonderful pieces revolved around contemporary art, documentary photography, lifestyle and creative journalism.

Each issue is conducted around a certain theme with Issue 12 being 'Thinking of Collective', which featues interviews with Roman Signer, Elad Lassry and Damo Suzuki, as well as full-colour photographic supplement from Heinz Peter Knes. In addition, this issue of the magazine includes a sizteen page booklet of photographs documenting the day-to-day running of Hauser & Wirth gallery, alongside a feature which explains the duo in the words of its staff and resident artists - including Martin Creed and Anabelle Selldorff. Its fashion section features exclusive collaborative content from YSL, and features brands such as Yojhi Yamamoto, Stella McCartney and Chloe.

And if all that's not enough for you, it's beautiful page layout and boxed presentation with fun playing card theme makes it that little bit better. One to check out now, it's available both in-store and online :)


Barneys Carhartt x Adam Kimmel Event

Adam Kimmel x Carhartt Barneys Event w George Herms & Paintallica from Highsnobiety on

After desperately trying for months I finally found a good deal for a little break to NYC in November for me an my missus.

I've been before, and apart from the obvious touristys thing again, )provising its still there) I plan on checking out Barneys in much more detail than last time, helped no less by this sweet Carhartt instalation.

Carhartt just did a collab with Adam Kimmel - whos previously worked with Supreme - on a more sophisticated workwear collection including blazers and cashmere beanies - and to launch it they did an instore event in Barneys New York featuring old tree trunks and logs mixed in with the mannequins and clothing.

The best bit about the event was that guests had a chance to customise some of the tree trunk fixtures with mini blow-torches - nice and personalised touch there.

The installation was in the Barneys New York 60th Street store windows - lets just hope its still there when i'm over in November.


Monday, 25 July 2011

Medicom is 15

Happy Birthday Medicom! To commemorate this benchmark, they have teamed up with various brands to make some one-of-a-kind collaborations only Medicom can. Here's a peak...

Japanese fashion brand Roen have done a few of these oversized black tone Mickey Mouse collaborations, but for the 15th anniversary they have collaborated in creating this version of the 'Guitar' Mikey Mouse, ready to drop on July 30th at the anniversary exhibition in Tokyo!

To be launched on the same date is this 400% wooden Karimoku Be@rbrick toy designed in collaboration with Horizon.

Finally, Medicom have teamed up with Stussy and Star Wars to create this anniversary edition Stormtrooper Be@rbrick! This comes in a pack together with a special t-shirt reading 'I have a bad feeling about this' on the front and is due to be released a little later in mid August.  

Not only are Medicom celebrating the big 1-5 but a couple of months back was the 10th anniversary of the classic Be@rbrick! To celebrate this they released Series 22 of their collection. Featuring designs from American rappers House of Pain, Japanese brand Wonder Worker Guerrilla Band, DC Comic’s Green Lantern, card game UNO, Disney films Cars and Pirates of the Caribbean and more these great toys are IN STORE now at Fat Buddha! Come and pick one up :)


Paul Parker Illustration

We Are Rock Solid, who supply us with probably the hottest brand in the shop right now - Diamond Supply Co - just tweeted this great video: A Day In The Life of Paul Parker

Paul's work is heavily inspired by the likes of The Misfits artwork, Tales from the Crypt comics and horror imagery from the 80's.

He's done work for many reputable skate companies including decks for Death, Witchcraft and Superdead Skateboards.

BIG things are in the works for Paul Parker right now so keep your eyes peeled for news on where his art will take him in the future.


Sunday, 24 July 2011

Eastpak Sale !

We've been feeling a little generous at Fat Buddha recently and we're in no mood to stop! Eastpak are the latest focus of our sale, with lots of your favourite styles from the world's leading supplier of stylish and functional bags, backpacks, shoulder bags and travel luggage.

Firstly we'll go with every ones favourite backpack: The Padded Pak'r
Padded Pak'r Indigo Dye
Padded Pak'r Mono Grey
As well as the two colours shown we also have Mono Orange, Mono Pink, Lumbercheck Blue, Lumbercheck Grey and Lumbercheck Red Padded Pak'r on sale.

Next Style: The Hudson!
Hudson Coloured Stripes
Hudson Grey Pinstripes
Also available are the Ash Blend, and Marked colourways of the Hudson line.

You can take a look at our full selection of Eastpak bags here, sale or otherwise.

Eastpak were originally established as an armed forces retailer, however through the years the company noticed a cross-over with American college students who used they bags to carry their books. This is when the consumer driven line was introduced and Eastpak as we know it today was born, this line quickly became popular across university campuses.

Over the years Eastpak have become synonymous with quality and durability with their 'Built to Resist' philosophy. Their designs are innovative and fashionable and the products they create are tough, durable and incredible value for money, and if your bag ever breaks there is a 30 year guarantee that comes with every bag, so you know its going to get fixed.

Here is the history of Eastpak courtesy if Wikipedia.