Friday, 30 September 2011

Obey Blizzard Jacket

In preperation for winter 2011, Obey have just dropped their heavy duty Blizzard Jacket. This great quilted puffa jacket features full-zip closure with snap placket, dual waist pockets with snap closure and hand pockets behind. The drawstring hood promises to keep you snug and the leather trims and small Obey branding tab above the left hand pocket finish this piece of nicely.

Available Online now at Fat Buddha Store alongside other key pieces from the Autumn/Winter Obey range. If you want to keep warm this winter, this could be the coat for you....


Thursday, 29 September 2011

Vans 106 Moc California Series

As part of Vans Fall 2011 Collection the Vans 106 Moc California series makes a welcome appearence at Fat Buddha Store. Sporting a moc-toe construction, the casual low top features suede uppers, paired with some nice vulcanized soles. More limited in scope than standard Vans releases, the California series was created to embody the laid-back West Coast cool, and these boat shoe-inspired moccasins certainly manage to do that....

Available instore and online now, alongside some more great Vans styles at Fat Buddha Store!


Edwin EC Sweat - Granite Heather

Here we have an amazing piece from the guys at Edwin Denim, this is the Edwin EC Seat in Granite Heather, its all vintage style and the colorway.

Edwin denim continues to be the best Denim brand out there, the attention to detail and the quality level are unsurpassed. 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Yo Yo Navajo - Obey in the House

Obey were the first guys on the Navajo tip, everyone else has kinda copied them, but Obey are used to it, this range is going to sell out in a few weeks and you will see it on Ebay for twice the price, so dont wait around, grab it HERE.

Since 1989, the Obey street art campaign has become an important urban phenomenon, subconsciously touching those well aware of their environment. Through the vision of Shepard Fairey, Obey has evolved into one of the most controversial yet influential symbols of the 21st century. Derived from Andre the Giant, a pop-culture athlete in the eighties, the Obey icon has been bombed in developed and rural cities around the world. Its ambiguous idea immediately sparks philosophical discussion and ultimately motivates the inner-person through active participation.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

New Nike Cortez

Two new vintage-style colourways arrived this week from Nike of the classic Cortez.

The Cortez features a light nylon upper and a jagged sole - which completes this throwback look.
The shoe was created by Bill Bowerman for Nike in the 60's. Bowerman and Phil Knight initially began importing the Onitsuka Tiger running shoes from Japan to sell in the States. Bowerman's design ideas led to the creation of a running shoe in 1966 that would ultimately be named "Cortez" in 1968, which quickly became a top-seller and remains one of Nike's most iconic footwear designs. Bowerman designed several Nike shoes, but is best known for ruining his wife's waffle iron in 1970 or 1971, experimenting with the idea of using waffle-ironed rubber to create a new sole for footwear that would grip but be lightweight.

Click the images to go directly to the shoe, which is now available instore and online.


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Diamond Supply Co

Diamond Supply Co is the brand of the moment, the best brand we have and the brand that sells out quicker than any other, the ever popular Smoke Rings T and the classic Diamondaire T.

Diamond will continue to grow and expect to see some snapbacks quite soon., to view the full range click HERE.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Juxtapoz Books

We are stocking the complete range of Juxtapoz books, onl shop in Scotland and 1 of 2 in UK to stock the ecomplete range, Juxtapoz is the best magazine out there, pop into the store and have a browse at the rest ofthe book section and more importantly the Magazine Section.

Heres a bit of backround on Juxtapoz, ripped straight from Wikepedia.
Juxtapoz Art & Culture Magazine (pronounced Jucks-tah-pose) is a magazine created in 1994 by a group of artists and collectors including Robert Williams, Fausto Vitello, C.R. Stecyk III (aka: Craig Stecyk), Greg Escalante, and Eric Swenson to both help define and celebrate urban alternative and underground contemporary art. It was edited from 1996 to 2006 by Jamie O'Shea. Juxtapoz is published by High Speed Productions, the same company that publishes Thrasher Skateboard magazine in San Francisco, California.

Juxtapoz launched with the mission of connecting modern genres like psychedelic and hot rod art, graffiti, street art, and illustration, to the context of broader more historically recognized genres of art like Pop, assemblage, old master painting, and conceptual art. Although based in San Francisco, Juxtapoz was founded upon the belief in the virtues of Southern California Pop Culture and the freedom from the conventions of the "established" New York art world. Ferus Gallery, run by Walter Hopps and Irving Blum in the 1950s and 1960s was the ultimate cultural touchstone for the magazine.

Juxtapoz originally reflected Williams' own Kustom Kulture sensibility a combination of California "Big Daddy" Ed Roth-style pop surrealism (identified by some as synonymous with low brow art and others as its own genre, as detailed in low brow art entry) and the serious figurative craftsmanship that is more likely to be found among illustrators than fine artists today.

Juxtapoz expanded its range in the early 2000s to cover other nascent styles and sub-genres of underground art. Young artists who have received coverage in Juxtapoz include KAWS, Mark Ryden, Barry McGee, Todd Schorr, Camille Rose Garcia, Tim Biskup, and Tom Sachs.

As of 2009, Juxtapoz had the largest circulation of any art magazine in the United States, (more than established counterparts like Art News, Art in America, and ArtForum). In addition to printed subscriptions which offer alternative cover images to the newsstand version, Juxtapoz is also available as an on-line digital subscription.

Leslie xx

Wednesday, 21 September 2011


Fat Buddha Store welcomes some great new pieces from HUF for Fall 2011. Keith Hufnagel the owner and creator of the brand has been a pro skater since 1992 and created his own line of clothing and footwear drawing on his insperations and the cultures that surrounded him. Clean silhouettes and crisp cut and sew garments are featured throughout the range alongside tough durable and stylish footwear.

For the fall range some nice pom pom beanies sit alongside their great hooded zip sweats as seen below.

The Pom-Pom Beanie comes in two different colourways of Blue and Navy adorned with White stars and a front panel patch to round things of.

The 'Big H' Zip Sweat Hoody comes in three diffrent colourways of Red and Grey (shown above) and also in Black. All HUF products are available now at Fat Buddha Store.


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

VNA - Issue 16

Very Nearly Almost Magazine - Issue 16
September 2011

Very Nearly Almost (VNA) is a quarterly published street art magazine, focusing on UK graffiti and street art. Based in London, VNA works with photographers, designers and the artists themselves to put together an accurate and detailed look at the ever-changing street art world. VNA not only documents the recent activity of artists such as Banksy, D*Face, Invader etc, but also brings you artist profiles, features, exclusive interviews and more.

This issue is features incredible artists including Kid Zoom, Will Barras, Chu and Trusto Corp.

Nixon Watches - For The Ladies

Who said Nixon Watches were just for the men, they also do a mean range of ladies watches, 3 new ones dropped in the door last week, all available instore and online.

To view the full range of Nixon watches, view the range HERE

Monday, 19 September 2011

3 is the magic number - Magazines

Grafik Magazine - Issue 192 September/October 2011
Grafik is an international bi-monthly magazine for and about graphic designers. The magazine champions innovative and inspiring work by designers, illustrators and photographers, from established names to upcoming talent.With connections throughout graphic design communities around the world, Grafik gets to the heart of the ideas, trends and technologies that are informing contemporary design. Grafik also explores the rich visual history of graphic design, looking at the influential movements and iconic practitioners who continue to inspire designers today. Grafik has been an established part of the design landscape since 2003, and prior to that it was published as Graphics International for over 15 years. It continues to be essential reading for all design professionals and students who want to feel connected to the most inspiring and innovative aspects of their industry.

This issue features: London Design Festival, KarlssonWilker, Graphic Thought Facility, Angus Hyland, John Malinoski, Karin Von Ompteda, Hjarta Smarta, Jeremy Tankard, Neal Whittington, Fraser Muggeridge plus Special Feature – Drawing Type.

Architecture Today Magazine Issue 221 September 2011
Architecture Today is the professional architectural magazine, conceived by architects, founded by architects, written by architects and read by architects. Sent each month to the UK's practising architects at their place of work, Architecture Today presents the pick of new projects, with articles by leading practitioners and photography of the highest standard.

Kilimanjaro Magazine Issue 13 Autumn/Winter 2011
Kilimanjaro is a vibrant, new printed space dedicated to visual culture and editorial experimentation. Located in the realms of contemporary art, documentary photography, lifestyle and creative journalism.
Kilimanjaro's aim is to generate an environment in which ideas reason with pure visual pleasure as well as a certain sense of social consciousness.
Each individual issue revolves around a central conducting theme, which articulates a series of features somehow related to that particular subject, in order to create a random sequence of item orchestrated by a conceptual subtext.
Kilimanjaro is a large format magazine each page is about 48cm wide and 68cm high giving it a unique presentation of images. However the magazine folds down to allow it to fit retailers' racks.
This issue, 'A Love Letter To Roni Horn', - to coincide with their forthcoming exhibition - the 13th issue of Kilimanjaro is a collaborative piece with Roni Horn. The magazine also features Juergen Teller, John Waters and Adrian Searle.

Hottie of The Week - Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland, X-Factor, is she gorgeous or what, in honour of Kelly, heres some images to show just how pretty this lady is, every week, she gets better and better, so just enjoy.

So, the resurection of Hottie of the week is on, Kelly Rowland.

So Sarah Kelly Rowland, you are officially a Fat Buddha Hottie

Leslie xx

Nixon 51-30 Watch

Nixon 51-30 in All Black

Some words were created for certain things and the word 'dullion' was destined for this watch, it is a banger/cracker/whopper/doozer/ bad boy any number of words could describe this piece of beauty, i love it and quite fancy getting myself one.

If you are inthe market for this watch and don't mind the £400 price tag (cheap at half the price), then buy it HERE

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Nizxon Timeteller P and Rubber Player

Here we have some nice additions to the Nixon Watch range, above we have 2 new colours in the ever popular Time Teller P range, an ever expanding colour palette, and it continues to sell like s**t from a shovel, great allround watch at a great lil price.

Next we have the more formidable Nixon Rubber Player - Drab, the Rubber Player is the best watch in its price bracket, rock solid watch, 2 year guarantee, bif, bam bosh, go buy it.